An Audi Q2 RS (especially if you have this pint) makes a lot of sense

The Audi Q2 has all, or almost all, to become the great revelation of this season. Has a size content, you will enjoy a price relatively tight (for an Audi), looks attractive, and in the line that calls the client currently, and sure, what we will see regularly on the street. See 5 reasons why the Audi Q2 is a real monster (especially for your rivals). Now, what’s next? According to the interest of Audi to launch versions sports the length and breadth of its range of products, we cannot rule out, and it is even logical to imagine that this is so, that a Audi RS Q2 ends up at the dealers. See bottom of the Audi Q2 2016.

What you see is not a real model, but a recreation of the designer X-Tomi Design, who has already imagined the look that would have that hypothetical Audi RS Q2. It would be muscular, it would be with a chassis lowered, and a front very aggressive with a grille of greater size, aerodynamic work, and huge air inlets on the sides.

There is no madness to imagine that an Audi RS Q2 could look like this. Or a lot less.


Audi Q2 comes with a range of engines is more than correct, between 116 and 190 HP power, with alternatives such as diesel, gasoline, manual shifting and automatic (S-Tronic), and front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. See details of engines of the Audi Q2.

What is more interesting would be to see what engine you would go for Audi for this model. We may take it for granted that he will have the traction to the four wheels, and change S-Tronic. And although the five-cylinder of the house, the 2.5 TFSI in the Audi RS Q3 and the RS3 would be a real madness, we imagine that would settle for the 2.0 TFSI, of four cylinders and a power of between 231-HP Audi S1, and the 300-HP Audi S3.

In any case, everything points to attend to this event, the launch of a new Audi RS Q2, still have to wait at least a few years.

Source: X-Tomi Design
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