An Auto Union Typ C 1936 3D printed to scale 1:2

1936 Auto Union Typ CAudi Toolmaking is a division of the German company, which is engaged in the design and construction of machinery for the brand. Audi Toolmaking is responsible, among other things, of the press die which give shape to the different parts of the body. These heavy machines are, piece by piece, come together to give the shape of a car to mere metal plates.

innovation is a common goal of almost any company, not being an Audi Toolmaking oblivious to the concerns of their engineers and the needs of the sector. The firm is working on the development of a production process for small metal parts difficult to produce on the basis of the latest technologies 3D printing. The way to demonstrate the potential of this printing technology with a metallic material in 3D has been creating a replica of the Auto Union Typ C 1936, one of the well-known Arrows of Silver.

Auto Union Typ C de 1936

Auto Union Typ C 1936

The replica, not at all perfect, but equally worthy of praise, has a scale 1:2, is half the size of the original. All metal parts of this mini Auto Union Typ C 1936 have been printed with 3D technology. To be able to make a 3D printing, a laser melts tiny grains of metal of approximately one-half the thickness of a human hair.

The Volkswagen Group wants to implement 3D technology in its various production processes. This form can be made in steel or aluminum parts of complex shapes that would otherwise be impossible to fabricate or in his absence, it would be very difficult. In this way, accelerate the manufacturing process and also would reduce the costs of production. It is possible to produce the item up to 240mm in length and 200mm in height while achieving a higher density of the material, by processes of casting or hot forming.

Source – Audi