An extra touch of sportiness to your BMW 7 Series M Performance by

to BMW are polishing (and with all the wisdom of the world) to its boutique sportier pieces, M Performance . Each new model gets a corresponding treatment of the hand of this division … and of course, the new BMW Series 7 not going to be less.

The new BMW 7 Series has a starting price of 94,650 euros in Spain.

The product catalog M Performance available for the new BMW 7 Series goes through a new rear spoiler, new side skirts, new cases for mirrors in carbon fiber and new grille finished in black.

Inside some new finishes pedals leap from steel and clear, they could not miss the tires , offering a new alternative to 21 inches that are about two lighter kg the original, and also having a positive effect on their dynamics.

To learn more about the new BMW 7 Series …

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Gallery M performance parts for the BMW Series 7:

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