An Infiniti Q30 with steroids, many steroid, in Beijing

In less than two weeks opens its doors to the Lounge of Beijing. And there will be Infiniti to show us their latest offerings, starting with a prototype very exotic that has been dubbed as Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration. The image above is all we have. And what we see is not another thing that a Infiniti Q30 with steroids, the aesthetics of the new Infiniti Q30 moved to a huge SUV that has a lot to say about the intentions of the brand to renew its range SUV and crossover. See test of the Infiniti Q30 in 6 questions and answers. But what we anticipated exactly this Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration?

According to Infiniti, we are faced with a foretaste of its new SUV of medium size. And this leads us to think that we are looking at the bigger brother of the newly introduced Infiniti QX30, QX50, and the product that until a few years ago we knew as the Infiniti EX. Remember that Infiniti has carried out a complete redistribution of the nomenclatures in their range of products. The Infiniti EX is now known as the Infiniti QX50. And above we find a Infiniti QX70 that until recently we spoke with Infiniti FX, and that with its 4.8 m length, and his prominent nose, was distinguished as one of the most outstanding models in the range Infiniti.

The range SUV and crossover Infiniti will continue by opening the new Infiniti QX30 (see the 5 keys of the Infiniti QX30 2016), a version todocamino essentially based on the Q30.


  • Infiniti anticipates that this new model will adopt the design features of the new Infiniti Q30 and QX30, something that catches the eye in this image. We find ourselves with a large front grille, with capricious forms that culminate in headlights that judging by this image could be used of surfaces OLED.

    In any case we have not to forget about the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration is a prototype. It will not come to the dealers, but a model which, under the name Infiniti QX50 will replace that product once met as the Infiniti EX.

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