An Opel Insignia 1.6 CDTI 136 HP runs 2.111 km without refuelling

Opel Insignia 2111 km sin repostar

Felix Egolf with Christian Müller, Global vice president of Propulsion Systems Opel

once in a when they arrive to our screens extreme cases of hypermiling. How much distance you can travel a car without refueling? If we talk about the Opel Insignia 1.6 CDTI ecoFLEX 136 CV, an intermediate model of the range, can reach 2.111 kilometers with a single tank of diesel. This has shown this vehicle on a journey between the swiss Alps and the North Sea.

Felix Egolf, a former commander of Airbus, is the one who has achieved this feat at the wheel of an Opel Insignia 1.6 CDTI 136 HP fully series. The average certified for this model is between a 3.8 and 3.9 liters per 100, but Egolf has managed to go through 2.111 miles with an average fuel consumption of 3.46 litres of diesel oil, which represents a 10% less on the figure of approval.

Opel Insignia 2111 km sin repostar

So was the marker to get the car to Rüsselsheim

The tour saw the start of the past April 6 in the locality of Switzerland, Lucerne. From there, Egolf went, through the Black Forest, to the headquarters of Opel in Rüsselsheim, where he met with Christian Müller, Global vice president of Propulsion Systems. At this time the car had traveled something less than 429 miles at an average speed of 76 km/h, achieving an average consumption of 3.2 liters.

This adventure hypermiler continued by Münster, Oldenburg and Cuxhaven, to then finish in Zurich on Monday, April 8, prior to the step-by-Hanover, Kassel and St Gallen. there was a time Egolf sought to overcome the barrier of 2,000 kilometers in a test of this type. Continental tyres Eco Contact 5 very low rolling resistance have been of great help in this test of consumption.

In Spain, the Opel Insignia 1.6 CDTI EcoFLEX 136 HP has a base price of 20.990 euros, with the Plan PIVE and discounts included. The engine pays in addition to 320 Nm of torque between 2,000 and 2,500 revolutions and is associated with a gearbox five-speed manual.

Source – Opel

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