An SUV is based on the ForFour Smart plans

smart-suvMercedes-Benz confirmed that there are plans to develop a small SUV under the brand Smart. This was said Dieter Zetsche in Under the Auto Shanghai. Smart plans to launch a compact SUV date back to more than 10 years ago, but the project never managed to achieve approval . However with the current demand for such vehicles the idea of ​​a Smart SUV is back on the table .

Smart and throws his first compact SUV, which will be based on the platform of the ForFour.

This follows the recent statements to the British publication AutoExpress by Dieter Zetsche , the master of the big mustaches, head of Mercedes-Benz occur in the framework the Auto Shanghai. Mercedes wants to use l a platform for the new generation of Smart forour , to give life to their first compact SUV.

However the technical basis presents some complications because it is a product that has its propeller located in rear position and a propulsion system on the rear wheels.

But even so, Zetsche said that is the goal toward which the brand aims in the medium term, while recognizing that first will focus on adding value to existing ForTwo and ForFour, and that next year will hit the market versions fully Power both products.

The last time Smart ventured into the development of an SUV was when in 2005 showed a prototype and named Smart formore . However, along with Roadster and Coupe formore project was eventually canceled.

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