An ultra-rare Aston Martin One-77 comes to auction on eBay

In 2008, Aston Martin wanted to surprise the whole world with a supercar of high school, with a performance far superior to that of the rest of units manufactured. The Paris well he showed us the Aston Martin One-77. Today one of those extrañísimas units is on sale in eBay for a price of three million dollars.


Paint exclusive to a supercar so expensive

it Is unlikely that the owner of this gem has made the sale such a precious unit, but more rare is that it has done so through the channel of purchase-sale of the Internet. it is usual for a famed auction house handle the sale, but in this case he so wished the owner, you’ll want to save yourself the million-dollar commissions that they charge.

Returning to the car, it’s about the drive 42 of the 77 produced. It is one of the three that are located in the united States, and the only one in the world to have the exterior paint Jenna Blue. The interior is not exempt from exclusivity because of its combination of colors is also very strange, with custom finishes.

Where there is no novelty whatsoever is in the thruster unit of this car made of carbon fiber and aluminum. A V12 maximum power of 7,300 cubic centimeters capable of generating 750 HP, showing an acceleration from 0 to 100 Km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, a top speed, that such and as stated in the ad, you can reach 354 Km/h.


The interior is a combination of luxurious materials and futuristic

Now, the Aston Martin sale has some conditions of use very particular, as is not allowed to circulate with him during more than 2,500 miles, little more than 4,000 kilometres, a year. Neither is it a big problem, but it is a but very significant taking into account that it costs around 2.7 million euros.