Analysis F1 2015: Manor: to Participate, not compete


Little could be expected of Manor in a season in which until shortly before the start, or even expected to do act of presence. In these cases, and with a budget so limited, the only thing that can be asked is that both drivers comply with the standard of the 107% in qualifying and to see the chequered flag in the races.


Deficit in classification with respect to the pole, expressed in %. Manor did not participate in the first Grand Prix held in Australia.

And what is certain is that they have done the greater part of the year, giving the team a reliability only interrupted by three dropouts due to breakdown, and one by accident. Now just got to wait for the renewal that the team is rushing at a management level to allow the structure to settle and start to grow before the arrival of a new rival: Haas.

MANOR First half (10 GPs) Global of the season 2015
Points 0 0
Victories 0 0
Poles 0 0
quick Turns 0 0
Podiums 0 0
Km. in head 0 0
Km. tours 4.552 9.587
average Position in classification 19.30 19.07
average Position in the race 15.62 15.65


Points earned at the World Championship of Constructors.

The pilots

MANOR Stevens Merhi Rossi
Points 0 0 0
Victories 0 0 0
Poles 0 0 0
quick Turns 0 0 0
Podiums 0 0 0
Km. in head 0 0 0
Km. tours 4.367 (16) 3.730 (20) equal 1,489 (21)
Position. media in classification 19.00 (20th) 19.43 (21) 18.80 (19)
Position. media career 15.86 (20th) 15.50 (20) 15.40 (19th)

Manor has been the only team that has used more than two pilots this season (along with McLaren, who replaced Alonso by Magnussen at the first appointment). But, while Will Stevens was immovable thanks to the contribution of sponsorship, Roberto Merhi and Alexander Rossi had to take turns.


Surely none of the three finished the season satisfied, because while Stevens has seen his two companions have been beaten with clarity on a number of occasions, it is also true that Merhi and Rossi have suffered from a certain irregularity at times. The Spanish language has given clear signs of its speed, but has had to do in front of a car is not always at 100% and has committed some driving errors -especially on Fridays and Saturdays-. For his part, Rossi has had a low shooting, but has pointed out ways and also has managed to beat Stevens on more than one occasion.

The point-technical

Only Manor has competed throughout the season with a car of the previous season, though conveniently updated to comply with the regulations. Even the Ferrari engine has been the of 2014 throughout the year, even to be below the performance of the propeller Honda McLaren.

The team had planned to premiere his single-seater 2015 in Silverstone, but finally decided to focus on maximizing budget and join efforts in the future. As a result, updates have been almost non-existent and the car has not changed in excess during the year.

Classification of the Championship of the World of Builders 2015

2nd FERRARI 428
3rd WILLIAMS 257
4th RED BULL 187
6th LOTUS 78
8th SAUBER 36
9th McLAREN 27
10th MANOR 0