Analysis F1 2015: Red Bull: low hours

The team of licensed austrian has focused a good part of the attention this season, but more for the political side of Formula 1 for the sports. Red Bull does not pass through its best moment and a clear demonstration has been his threat to abandon the category if things didn’t change.

Deficit in classification with respect to the pole, expressed in %.

Obviously, this is a bluff, and the intentions of Mateschitz are very far away leaving the Formula 1, but yes it is true that Newey and company are struggling to adapt to a new era in which the department of chassis and aerodynamics must be tailored to fit the needs of the motorist, which until 2013 was not the case.

In any case, it is clear that in Milton Keynes they know very well how to make a winning car and has been demonstrated in each time it has held a race on a circuit not conducive to the Mercedes engines. What the slop? Find a biker competitive that allows them to battle it out with Mercedes.

RED BULL First half
(10 GPs)
Overall of the season 2015
Puntos 96 187
Victorias 0 0
Poles 0 0
Turns rápidas 2 3
Podios 2 3
Km. in cabeza 0 39
Km. recorridos 5.278 10.482
Posic. media in clasificación 8.30 7.97
Posic. media in carrera 7.65 7.89

Points earned at the World Championship of Constructors.

The pilots

Puntos 92 95
Victorias 0 0
Poles 0 0
Turns rápidas 3 0
Podios 2 1
Km. in cabeza 39 0
Km. tours 5.355 (6th) 5.127 (9th)
Position. average rating 7.26 (6th) 8.68 (8th)
Position. average in career 7.50 (7th) 8.29 (8th)

Daniel Ricciardo took very little to earn the responsibility of rider number 1 to beat Vettel in 2014 and, with the hesitant beginning of a young Kvyat, many things had been made this season.

But what is certain is that the Russian has ended up getting more points than the australian and has left in evidence in more than one race. Both have made mistakes, but Daniil Kvyat are more justifiable. Ricciardo has to grow a lot in 2016 and give a definitive step forward or the prestige gained at the expense of Vettel will end up diluted. And that, in a Red Bull, it is very dangerous. And more seeing stalkers from

The point-technical

That the primary ballast Red Bull has been the propellant Renault is more than evident, because in spite of all his performance has grown a lot in the circuits of low demand in terms of power.

despite this, the chassis itself has not been at the height of other seasons and, maybe, the gradual departure of Adrian Newey is one of the causes, but we cannot deny that in the philosophy of Red Bull has never curdled the idea of giving respite to the propellant at the cost of sacrificing the aerodynamics. One of the pending subjects for 2016 will be take consciousness of the limitations that Renault have, and face the right way for both brands work in harmony and for a common good.

Classification of the World Championship of Constructors 2015

10º MANOR 0

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