Analysis F1 2015: Williams: Balance sweet and sour

Williams has the gene and the winner has been awarded the history, but unfortunately the current lineup lacks that competitive instinct that allows you to do what is needed at the appropriate time. The season of the Grove has returned to be marked by a good car with a great engine, but that has not always been taken advantage of as it should. Some errors of its pilots, have been united numerous strategic errors and pit – that have limited the loot team final.

Deficit in classification with respect to the pole, expressed in %.

the design of The car began to be somewhat deficient at the time of generating downforce and both Bottas as Massa suffered in the first circuits of the calendar. But as happened in 2014, the different evolutions were giving the car a balance greater and also the season has ended with a good balance: third best team in the championship and the four podiums more to add to the 306 that already gained this historic equipo.

WILLIAMS First half
(10 GPs)
Overall of the season 2015
Puntos 151 257
Victorias 0 0
Poles 0 0
Turns rápidas 0 0
Podios 2 4
Km. in cabeza 118 118
Km. recorridos 5.724 10.594
Posic. media in clasificación 7.05 6.95
Posic. media in carrera 6.83 6.97

Points earned at the World Championship of Constructors.

The pilotos

Puntos 121 136
Victorias 0 0
Poles 0 0
Turns rápidas 0 0
Podios 2 2
Km. in cabeza 112 6
Km. tours 5.417 (5th) 5.176 (8th)
Position. average rating 7.79 (7th) 6.11 (4th)
Position. average in career 7.50 (6th) 7.19 (5th)

Valtteri Bottas came to sound like a pilot Ferrari, and has a good poster in a large part of the international press, but it’s hard to see him as a true Champion of the World in the future. Remains the reference in Williams, but not by much margin on a as a veteran of Massa and, regardless of that, it continues to commit some errors improper of its prestige.

Felipe Massa, helped by the irregularity of his companion, has kept the type for one more year, and the team appreciates a lot for your technical contribution, but year after year still leaves the feeling that it is dispensable in the category. And if Williams out at present a candidate to the title, very possibly Philip did not continue in his post.

The point-technical

One more year, Williams created a single seater with a very low drag, in part caused by their limitations when you generate downforce, something that made them to suffer, especially on city circuits, or slow.

But little by little they managed to add levels of load to the car and, with it, more balance. In spite of this, have not come to be a real threat, or Mercedes, or Ferrari, giving it a small step backward with respect to 2014.

Classification of the World Championship of Constructors 2015

10º MANOR 0

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