Analysis of 2015 Ford Focus

Ford presented his Focus range 2015 with a remanufactured engines and an update on the design . Striking from all angles, and can maintain a slim profile with its continuous and flowing lines. Note that prices remain virtually unchanged from today and come in Spain in December 2014.

Análisis del Ford Focus 2015

Features of the new Ford Focus 2015

New Ford Focus 2015 incorporates an inverted trapezoidal grille, rectangular headlamps more sharp and fog is below. Stressing that the rear lights are less prominent and small footprint.

There are hardly any changes in size , in five-door version, which measures 4358 meters long, while Station Wagon grows in length up to 4556, and raises its height up to 1505 meters . The core of this version is 363 liters.

to inside has 2015 Focus simplification of the center console, which has fewer buttons and more space for storage. In instrumentation there are also changes, now speed electronically displayed and can split the screen into four to display different information. Also new sliding center armrest, and a curtain to cover the gap of coasters.

The range of engines starts with 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engine versions 100 and 125 hp with a manual six-speed gearbox. Diesel 1.5 liter engine (TDCi) at 95 and 120 hp engine is offered with six-speed automatic in the most powerful version is also available. Early in 2015, will also get automatic switching “Power Shift” 1.0 EcoBoost version of 125 hp.

addition of new engines, there changes in suspension and steering. The suspension absorbs rough terrain better and simultaneously, better ride comfort adds better soundproofing, so travelers will travel with comfort.

Prices are in euros 18 625 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engine with 100 hp Trend finish, while 125 hp version now € 20,125.

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