Analysis of the C-segment-SUV: the ten SUV sold in 2017

once analyzed the results in terms of overall sales of passenger cars in the month of July, and after having seen what were the brands and models most sold in the month, the time has come to analyze what are the ten cars most sold C-segment-SUV in Spain in the year so far. The segment of the SUV continues to grow and is gaining more strength, both in Spain and in Europe.

In our country is the third segment more powerful by accumulating, on the last day of July, with no less than 167.696 units sold; that is, 15.1 % of the total sales of the market in the year so far. Of these more than 167.000 SUV means enrolled, 70.005 units correspond to engines of gasoline, while 97.539 have been put on sale with diesel engines.

Model Enrollment market Share
Model Enrollment market Share
Nissan Qashqai 17.718 units 2.27 %
Opel Mokka X 12.186 units 1.56 %
Hyundai Tucson 11.791 units 1.51 %
Seat Ateca 10.820 units 1.38 %
Kia Sportage 10.351 units 1.32 %
Volkswagen Tiguan 9.773 units 1.25 %
Peugeot 3008 9.495 units 1.21 %
Renault Kadjar 7.829 units 1.00 %
Ford Kuga 6.978 units 0.89 %
Dacia Duster 6.878 units 0.88 %

The Nissan Qashqai remains the model SUV sold with a lot of difference compared to its rivals. Its market share is 2,27 %, or what is the same, 227 out of every 10,000 passenger cars registered in Spain are Nissan Qashqai. Its more immediate pursuers are the Opel Mokka X and the Hyundai Tucson, but they are very far away with odds of 1,56 and 1.51 percent respectively. We do not believe that any opponent can snatch in the remainder of the year the position of the SUV means more sold of 2017 to the japanese model.

If we take a look at the three premium SUVS of German origin, the three premium mid-size best-sellers, we find that the BMW X1 is the one who more sales stacks with a notable difference. The bavarian has registered 6.637 units, representing a fee from 0.85 %. We are still somewhat distanced Audi Q3 5.324 sales and a share of 0,68%, and the Mercedes GLA 5.277 marketing and 0.68 % of market share.

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