Analysis of the C-segment: the ten best selling compact

once analyzed, the overall results of opened in 2018 in terms of sales refers to and have seen what have been the brands and models sold, it’s time to go breaking down the most important segments of the Spanish market. We start with the traditional C-segment, the compact, that is always one of the most disputed.

Of the 456.279 cars registered in the first quarter of 2018, the 20.6% of the units belong to compact vehicles; resulting in 93.901 units. If we differentiate the sales of this category for engines, we find that 57.462 of them were using a propellant gas, while 35.796 used mechanical diesel. We’re going to see what models have been the most sold within this segment.

The best selling compact in 2018 in Spain

Model Dealings market Share
Model Dealings market Share
Seat Leon 12.370 enrollment 2.71 %
Volkswagen Golf 9.960 enrollment 2.18 %
Peugeot 308 6.665 enrollment 1.46 %
Renault Megane 6.473 enrollment 1.42 %
Toyota Auris 6.105 enrollment 1.34 %
Ford Focus 5.053 enrollment 1.11 %
Opel Astra 4.927 enrollment 1.08 %
Fiat 4.263 enrollment 0.93 %
Audi A3 4.076 enrollment 0.89 %
BMW 1 Series 3.898 enrollment 0.85 €

Simply take a look at the market share of the different models that are listed in the table above, we realize the importance of this category in the Spanish market, as seven of the ten members of this list get a share of over 1 %. On the podium, we have the Seat León (the past year was the car most sold in Spain), the Volkswagen Golf and the Peugeot 308. The fourth and fifth position are for the Renault Megane and Toyota Auris.

In terms of the “fight” of the premium brand, there is still a hard fight. For the moment, the winner is the Audi A3, but it has stuck also within the top10 at the BMW 1-Series. The compact of the four rings sum 4.076 marketing; while the BMW 1-Series has enrolled 3.898 units in these first months of the year. The model of the star, the Mercedes A-Class, is close to but out of the list of the ten best selling compact with 3.788 enrolments.

Source – ANIACAM

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