Analysis of the C-segment: the ten most sold in 2017

once analyzed the results in terms of overall sales of passenger cars in the month of may and have seen what have been the brands and models most sold in the past month, the time has come to assess what are the ten cars most sold C-segment (the compact) in Spain in the year so far. This segment, the compact, is the second most in-demand currently, in our market with a share of 16.2 %, second only to the B-segment and very few units.

In the year so far, have been enrolled 124.117 compact in our country, just 2,500 units less than the sales of the segment B. these more of 124,000 units, 55.670 belonged to gasoline cars, while 68.131 compact were purchased with diesel engines. Let’s see which models are best selling compact.

Model Enrollment market Share
Model Enrollment market Share
Seat Leon 16.053 units 2.98 %
Volkswagen Golf 10.882 units 2.02 %
Opel Astra 10.043 units 1.86 %
Peugeot 308 9.144 units 1.70 %
Renault Megane 7.887 units 1.46 %
Toyota Auris 7.500 units 1.39 %
Ford Focus 7.415 units 1.38 %
Audi A3 6.482 units 1.20 %
Mercedes A Class 5.209 units 0.97 %
Kia cee’d 4.326 units 0.80 %

The strength of this segment C can be seen by noting that eight of the ten cars most sold in the first nine months of the year have exceeded, by far, the 1 % of the total share of the market. On the other hand, the above table tells us that much must vary the sales in the remainder of the year for the Seat Leon is not the-selling compact of the year, as the difference with their immediate pursuers is very large.

If we look at the three compact premium German, the battle being for that of Ingolstadt, the Audi A3. The compact Audi appears in the eighth position in this top10, with 6.402 enrolments for the year so far. The Mercedes A Class has enrolled little more than 5,200 units, which leaves in a creditable ninth position. The BMW 1 Series, although it does not appear in this ranking, is not very far away, because their 4.205 sales in the first nine months of the year placed him in the eleventh position of the compact segment.

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