Analysis of the last chance of Red Bull to stay in F1

Red Bull SIngapur 2015In Red Bull live a dramatic situation, this time the threat of leaving F1 has been closer than ever and still have not officially confirmed that it will be, although everything seems to indicate that it will be on the grill of 2016, either because you need to be present in this business or because of the threat of Ecclestone of a possible claim if you undo the agreement that was signed to be present in the next season…

Both Red Bull as Toro Rosso need a quick solution his crisis engine. The leaders got to the end of October as a deadline to learn something, in addition to pointed out that after the GP of Austin they would have something. What is certain is that October has passed and the GP of Austin, but have not found solutions, or at least not been officially communicated. The same Horner has said that they are still in time to be in the test of 2016, but should settle the matter without delay a lot more.

Abiteboul y Horner

Abiteboul and Horner

Adrian Newey is unhappy with this uncertainty, since the design of the next car depends on the motor bearing, and without knowing it are blind to start with the development. These delays could seriously affect the performance of Red Bull and Toro Rosso, although we already know that they are specialists in developments with a tight schedule as they have shown in the past and doing a very good job. However, this would be a total ruin in other computers.

As you know, all this nightmare begins with the constant criticism from Red Bull to Renault engine. The gauls were not happy with these criticisms and argued that they won 4 constructors ‘ championships and four drivers next to them, ignoring the work of Reanult and attributing the merit to themselves for the chassis design and aerodynamics. On the contrary, the lack of reliability and performance of Renault has been losing to Red Bull, but now it seems that either lose together, but have been charged with all the blame on Renault.

The options for Red Bull were/are:

  1. Mercedes: it was the first option for Red Bull, as they are the best motors there is for the moment and wanted to have this ICE. The problem is that Mercedes is afraid of Red Bull and don’t want to give him a weapon so that they are able to beat them. That is why you have been negotiating hard, and since Mercedes has been asked of any trade agreement to perform marketing on a global level together or you can use the mark Red Bull for the publicity events, and even the team of energy drinks could promote some other brand of the German group, as will Force India with Aston Martin.
  2. Ferrari: from Maranello have also gotten the engine good and reliable almost to the height of Mercedes. But also fear Red Bull to the overcome and let in evidence with the same weapon. What they were setting out from Ferrari give Red Bull engines, specification, 2015, but in the Red Bull wanted to engines of 2016 to have the same options. Possibly Toro Rosso himself that he would accept this, but the FIA ruled that motorists had to provide engines of the same specification to their client computers to finish with this problem. So Red Bull gets another slam in the face…
  3. Honda: the manufacturer nippon has created an engine very compact as you like to the philosophy Newey, but their performance and reliability is disastrous. Have used 22 motors to get 27 points this season. McLaren is swallowing all the problems of this season and are hopeful that with the redesign of the part hybrid can resurrect a few 200CV that cannot now be exploited. In this case, the japanese are interested in give engines to Red Bull, but Ron Dennis has spoken with Horner and has left things to be clear, they have not been swallowed all this year to be able to have a good engine in the future and that others come when things are going well and above can sobrepasarles in the championship if they do a better job with the chassis and the aerodynamics.
  4. Renault: many rumors hinted that Red Bull could be reconciled with Renault, in fact, from the computer gaul, have pointed out that even continue to contract and, if they wish to comply there would be no problem for them. But, of course, the treatment would change a lot, more so if Renault end up buying Lotus to return as a team.
  5. brand Engines white: Christian Horner has said that “there are Not many options, but there could be something more.”. This option also has a relationship with the 4th, since that would mean a reconciliation with Renault. So the French could supply engines to “white brand” that would be the same but without having to carry the logo of Renault. This condition I would also change other aspects of the contract and Red Bull would have to promote the brand Renault (or Infiniti) as it does now.

Another of the rumors that have been raised have been the possible pressures that they Horner resign from his post, since they argue that it is one of the main blockages to that Red Bull don’t get engines. But these are just rumors and it seems that Horner will continue at the helm.