Analysis the Motorsport Manager: the simulator of sports management of the engine comes to PC

During these last few weeks we have been testing in the drafting of PC version of Motorsport Manager. From the 10th of November, as we publish, the popular management simulator sports focused on the world of the engine is available in the “platform king” in the world of video games. After having dedicated a lot of hours, a server is in the position of being able to speak to you about what, in my opinion, are the strengths and weaknesses of the latest creation of Playsport Games (with Christian West to the head of the project).

Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager offers you the possibility of managing your own team, sign pilots, engineers, or develop the race car.

When in your time I started to download in my Steam account for the PC version of Motorsport Manager, I couldn’t help but flash back to those times in which he spent long hours in front of the computer playing PC Futbol. Since the year 2000 I have not been in contact with a video game based on the sport management, so that, combined with my fondness for various categories of motorsport such as Formula 1 or GP2 Series, the “hype” during the minutes that it took to download the game was maximum.

we Analyzed the PC version of Motorsport Manager

Before starting to describe in detail each of the aspects of Motorsport Manager, we must make it clear that we are facing a game in which the word “Formula 1” is prohibited. It is evident that the game lacks the official license to use, according to what terms, something like what happens with the saga Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), in which we all know that we are playing with Real Madrid or FC Barcelona, but teams and players have different names. In short, legal issues.

But, leaving aside this detail that, for a server is lower, in the moment in which we begin the game on Steam, a great intro will welcome us to get in position. Everything is prepared to begin directing our own team to reach the world title.

Motorsport Manager

We are in the best simulator for PC of sports management focused on the world of the engine.

The new developments with respect to the version for iOS and Android

If you’ve never heard of Motorsport Manager you should know that this is not a new title. For a long time has been one of the games most downloaded within the genre of engine on mobile platforms (iOS and Android). more than 1.6 million downloads joint itself as the title most popular in its segment in mobile and tablet.

later on we’ll see if it has passed or suspended in its arrival to the platform as competitive as the PC. However, before it is important to talk about the news we offers Motorsport Manager on your specific version for this platform. The game has been created from scratch to provide an experience even more immersive to the players PC.

One of the main innovations is the possibility of enjoying the 3D racing to roll to the cars on the track making overtaking, stopping in the pit lane, etc… on the contrary, in the mobile version, instead of seeing the cars showed a few points. The graphic section is new, and has worked on improving the behavior of elements of weather such as rain or wind.

official Trailer launch Motorsport Manager on your PC.

minimum Requirements of Motorsport Manager

we published some time ago the minimum requirements of the Motorsport Manager for Windows, Mac and Linux. is Not a game very demanding as we can see, although it is always important to know if our computer will be able to move it freely or we will have to start playing with the graphic settings to achieve a high and stable level of fps (images per second). Having said this, let us recall the minimum requirements of the management simulator sports engine:

Minimum Requirements on Windows
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7/8 (64-bit)
Processor Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20 GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5 Ghz
Memory 6 GB of RAM
Graphics Card nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB (Not compatible with integrated video cards from Intel)
DirectX Version 11
Network Broadband
Space in the Hard Disk 15 GB

Minimum Requirements Mac OS X
Operating System OS X 10.10 (64-bit)
Processor Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20 GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5 Ghz
Memory 6 GB of RAM
Graphics Card nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB (Not compatible with integrated video cards from Intel)
Network Broadband
Space in the Hard Disk 15 GB

Minimum Requirements in Linux
Operating System Ubuntu 14.10 (64-bit)
Processor Intel Core i5-3470, 3.20 GHz or AMD FX-6300, 3.5 Ghz
Memory 6 GB of RAM
Graphics Card nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 2 GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870, 2 GB (Not compatible with integrated video cards from Intel)
Network Broadband
Space in the Hard Disk 15 GB

Motorsport Manager

After its success on iOS and Android, the game landed in the “platform king”.

in The beginning it is easy to become overwhelmed with so many details to handle

once we created our profile (choosing our past as a pilot or engineer for example) and set the various configuration options, it is time to choose which of the three categories in which we will compete:

  • World Motorsport Championship (16 locations and 16 events)
  • Asia Pacific Super Cup (11 events, and 9 locations)
  • European Racing Series (10 events and 6 locations)

With an initial budget, we choose which team we wish to acquire to participate in any of the three categories mentioned above. After that, it is time to begin with the action or go to in advance by the tutorial mode. Personally I recommend the latter, since otherwise we can see ourselves in the situation of having a championship started and have committed some faults glaring that lastren all our actions.

Motorsport Manager

The game has been made from scratch to provide an experience more immersive to the player PC.

During the first few minutes of play is crucial to pay special attention to all the instructions that you will give us the tutorial mode. The most common, and even more if you have ever played a simulate of sports management is to feel overwhelmed by the large number of options, factors to control and decisions to take during game. Especially during the first few races.

The game of the sports management world’s most complete motor

at The beginning it seems that “everything is going too fast,” but with time we will realize that there is room to spare to make the right decisions. And after having played a few hours we will become authentic experts in the field. Although we never played a game of this genre.

races last between 10-20 minutes, to be extremely entertaining. In addition, in the course of the same, we will have the possibility to pause (ideal for thinking about changes in our strategy or simply make a stop to go to the bathroom) or even accelerating them to see almost immediately the effect of our choices.

Motorsport Manager

During the race we will have to choose the strategy and take decisions during the pit stops.

Every decision taken will have an effect on the performance of the car and the team

During the races, we can give three orders fundamental to the team, which will have��a direct effect on the performance of pilot and race car on track. Between our responsibilities as director of team we will have to monitor the state and degradation of the tyres, the fuel consumption and the intensity of the pilot (choosing your style of riding and the map engine).

Available through Steam

Depending on what stage of the career we are in, we will have to vary the driving style of our drivers to have an attitude more conservative or aggressive. Each one of them will allow us to save fuel, avoid the early degradation of the tires or to encourage overtaking.

And the same thing happens with the pit stops. At the time of to point out to one of our riders must enter the pits, we will have the power to take risks, to make a stop as quickly as possible (with the consequent possibility that one of the members of the team to have a crash during the tire change) as well as the repair of some of the parts that can be damaged during the race. In the case of selecting the repair of any component will increase the loss of time in the pits.

Motorsport Manager

Although it is not their strong point, the graphic section has been improved with respect to the version of game for mobile.

¿And outside of the races? Depending on the obtained money according to our results, we will have a budget more or less to go to develop our car. In addition, during the course of the championship we will unlock new options and pieces to equip our car. You can also sign engineers, pilots and make all kinds of changes in the squad of our team.

Our results on the track will have a direct effect on our relationship with the media. In case you receive a lot of criticism, we could even be fired from our job. It is for this reason that every step that we take as a team leader you must be meditated upon and to consider alternative options.

The graphic section should not be taken into account

Is it possible for me to make some other negative comment either on this article or on social networks, however, for any player who has had some experience with video games of management of sports, you will know that the graphic goes into the background. Of course, today, the graphics have a great importance in any type of game, however, in this case, I see it more as an add-on. An added plus to the set of possibilities that offers us.

Motorsport Manager

Give you a remarkable high to the modeling of the cars and the cirucitos.

What is really important in Motorsport Manager is the wide range of actions that we can do from our position of director of equipment. During the races the quality of the graphic section is to thank as the modeling of cars and tracks is very good, in addition to that textures as well as the behavior of the rain and other elements of weather have been noticeably improved.

If you’re considering getting this game, I recommend that in the factor graph have removed them at the time of making the decision.

The soundtrack is acceptable

we are Not faced with one of the strong points of Motorsport Manager, however, the soundtrack outside of the races, that is to say, between the huge menus, configuration options and, in short, of management, that is where the largest number of hours we spend in front of the PC, approve it with a note acceptable. It is not a delight, but after a few hours of gameplay I have to say that I do not dislike.

Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager offers long hours of fun for lovers of competitions such as the Formula 1 or GP2 Series.

Is more, it is fun to spend hours and hours in front of the PC looking for the best setup for our car, the strategy to follow or to studying the decisions that we take and that will directly affect our performance in the races that disputaremos throughout the season. Therefore, and although, a priori, already expecting that I wouldn’t be with one of the best soundtracks of the year, complies perfectly with what you would expect from a video game of the sports management.

¿And what about the sound of the cars? Without a doubt it is the best of the (sound of the game, as well as the ambient sound during the races. The sound of the cars is very well managed. Unfortunately, there is a factor to be taken into account, and is that the audio is in English, but the translation of the menus and subtitling in Spanish is perfect.

to make the jump from mobile platform to PC is not something easy

Go ahead that to a server, Motorsport Manager approves with note your leap of the mobile platform to PC. However, keep in mind that we are not faced with what we could define as a “port” from one platform to another. The guys Playsport Games decided to make from scratch the PC version and the result is patent. A title that improves on many aspects to allow the discerning players this platform to enjoy a unique experience.

Motorsport Manager

Motorsport Manager is available on PC for users of Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam.

in Addition, we must also add the factor of that this kind of video games have a clear advantage compared to other genera since the simulators of management offer a more positive experience to be played on a big screen as well as with keyboard and mouse. Despite this, the possibility of having ruined a great game has been present, although as you well say, in my opinion we are dealing with a game that has been perfectly ported to a platform so different to that of mobile.

Prices of Motorsport Manager

Platform PRICE
Steam 34,99 €
Android 1,99 €
iOS 1,99 €

In the table above also included the price of the game in
its version for mobile platforms (Android and iOS), and although it is not comparable
with the PC version, it is interesting to know by how much is available
Motorsport Manager on mobile. Personally I have played (on the tablet) and the
experience has been positive.

Motorsport Manager

We will be able to choose between three categories: World Motorsport Championship, Asia Pacific Super Cup and European Racing Series.

In conclusion

Although this is a genre in which there are a lot of proposals, and even less focused exclusively on the world of the engine, I can say without fear of making a mistake that we are facing the best simulator sports management the world of motor. Although, as we have said at the beginning of the analysis we are faced with a video game in which it is forbidden to mention the word “Formula 1”, any lover of this category of single-seaters and that he likes, in his spare time playing video games, it is a title that should, at least, try once.

If ever before you’ve played a simulator of sports management, it is very possible that a priori may seem “boring”, however, nothing could be further from the reality. Any fan of Formula 1 or another category such as Formula 3 or GP2 Series, you can check first-hand the effect of the decisions from the directors of the team until the last engineer that is in the paddock.

a title that we will have to take many hours to be able to squeeze all of your possibilities, so that in my opinion is justified its price on Steam. If in your collection of video games, there are titles of the sagas Forza Motorsport, DiRT or Need for Speed, regardless if you are “more than console or PC”, you should give him a chance to Motorsport Manager.

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