Analysts believe that the Landwind X7 could boost sales of Evoke



The Landwind X7 is a Chinese clone of the Evoque and was put up for sale. Despite the similarity and its lower price, analysts believe that would help promote the original product


Landwind-X7 P geese doubts were when the BMW X7 debuted under the Auto Shanghai which took place earlier this year. The Chinese had done once again and this time had shamelessly copied to the Range Rover Evoque.

And they understood their own Land Rover, initially faked to sue, which later decided to discard due to poor legislation in China in this regard. But despite everything, the X7 was released commercially in China few weeks ago and could become a commercial success.

Chinese automotive market analysts say the X7 could help promote the Evoque.

Bloomberg points out that more than 5,500 people already booked China BMW X7 , available at dealerships starting this week with a price that starts at 135 000 yuan, little less than 20 billion euros at current exchange and well below the 398 thousand yuan it costs Evoque.

Zhu Jianfeng , sales manager of one of the BMW dealers ensures that customers say the X7 looks very good and of course it looks like the Evoque. But also he highlighted the additional attraction of money equivalent to one third of the original model .

But nevertheless, John Zeng , a specialist in the industry based in Shanghai that works for LMC Automotive, considers the situation to could help promote the Evoque , as many people understand perfectly that the X7 is a product that mimics and he said that would be an advantage for Land Rover.

However, sales of Land Rover collapse in China, albeit in line with the overall slowdown that is taking place in this market and that during the month of July marked above 3% decline over the previous year.



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