Analyzing the new Lotus E23

team Gerard Lopez presented a few weeks ago new Lotus E23 Hybrid , the car that he intends to conquer world Formula 1. Pilots are Pastor Maldonado lead and Romain Grosjean.

Analizando el nuevo Lotus E23

How is the new Lotus E23 Hybrid

The new car Lotus maintains its famous black, gold and red colors, and what has changed is primarily for this season Shape nose passing of the two ends 2014 with a simpler and rounded. It is in compliance with the new regulations and provide a more traditional look.

Lotus has made several changes Mercedes introduce supplier of aggregates may mean team one plus power and great opportunities for success in racing. Last year this work was done Renault, but the car’s construction was not something that would fit the French power unit. Therefore team spokesmen now a big change with Mercedes.

In the team itself is convinced that this car will improve transcendental way, and this is not a very difficult task to judge by results of last year there were many problems with their cars.

Perhaps because of this and because of the many problems with the reliability of 2014 introduced two inmesas additional air intakes next mouthpiece Admission to the fireplace. Be cool the two electrical generators and batteries.

The new Lotus E23 Hybrid suspension is maintained “push rod” front, but with a longer bar shorter and less inclined. In pontoons and back there is nothing surprising and select conventional solutions.

The truth is that if the new Mercedes engine adapts to E23, both Maldonado and Grosjean see a big improvement in their positions on 2014.

Nick Chester, team leader, was thrilled results and commented that made great progress in wind tunnel as well as in areas such as distribution and cooling components. Similarly, he stressed that the development of the car has focused mainly on the problematic aspects of the previous season.

Meanwhile, Matthew Carter, general manager equipped hizo mention improvements have occurred within departments for design, aerodynamic simulation. His words indicated that E23 represents a new era for Lotus F1 not only change the power unit Mercedes Benz, but is also a result of hard work over the winter.

One of the team’s drivers, Pastor Maldonado, showing its second season in Lotus, social networks photographs published in the new car with the following message: “ Finally here we present the new E23 Hybrid. . With great expectations and desire to handle the 2015 season “

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