And finally, Audi gives the green light to the RS1 with 280 HP to 2017

From which was launched the Audi A1, the rumors about a possible variant under the seal of the RS have been constant, and though he had never confirmed or denied the possible Audi RS1, what is certain is that Audi tried to satisfy its customers with the Audi S1 and the most special Audi A1 quattro. But eventually, Audi seems to have entered in reason and so it would have given the green light to the production of the Audi RS1 for its arrival to the market in 2017.


Taking into account that the Audi A1 were launched in 2010, the Audi RS1 would come at the last stage of the Audi A1 in its first generation, being the culmination of a final at the first attempt of Audi to produce a city car after the peculiar Audi A2. The limited edition of 333 units of the Audi A1 quattro launched in 2011, could be understood as the closest that we would see an Audi RS1, and is that your approach with engine 2.0 TFSI, 256 HP and awd were the cocktail perfect for that stamp.

After this limited edition came the Audi S1 and Audi S1 Sportback, sharing ideas of the A1 quattro but with a power of 231 HP. With the launch of the S1, Audi ruled out the possibility of making the model even more prestacional, something which is understood taking into account the consequences of the dieselgate.

Audi S1 SportbackBut all was not lost. Now the Audi RS1 is not only in the plans of Audi, but that is a project quite advanced which is intended to be launched in early 2017. Your power will grow to the 280 HP thanks to the use of the engine 2.0 TFSI of the Volkswagen Group, using all-wheel drive quattro, change of double clutch S-Tronic or manual 6-relationships and a price rises to €60,000. Although their rivals to beat would be the MINI and Abarth more performance, those 280 HP what is located closer to the compact sports of the urban more spicy.