And it took: a more aggressive look for the Volkswagen Touran R-Line kit

Whenever Volkswagen launches a new car, it is a matter of time submitting your R-Line package. The purpose of these packages is to give the car a sportier look, and perhaps convince the parent that has not bought a minivan, but a dynamic and equally practical car. Anyway, it’s the turn of new Volkswagen Touran , which already took us after its launch in view R-Line version. Since this time, it is now available in Volkswagen dealer network.

The price of R-Line pack for Volkswagen Touran is 2,155 euros.

The price of R-Line package for the Volkswagen Touran is 2,155 euros . For this amount of money will get an inner aesthetic and outdoor kit, but do not forget that the dynamics of the car will not change one iota: you still have the same power – from engines TSI or TDI – suspension ratings and also varies from the standard. Outwardly the Volkswagen Touran R-Lin aggressive design opens bumper , with lower air intakes glossy black color.

vw-touran-2016-r-line-4 air intakes are 100% decorative, but feel good to the front of the car. A small emblem with the letter “R” is located in the grille of the car, which at first glance to differentiate the presence of an R-Line kit. On the side we profile a prominent heel and designs wheels between 17 and 18 inches . Yes, 19 inches may be too much for a Touran to Volkswagen knows and does not offer such monsters.

In the rear of the car a bumper black, with an interesting imitation of a diffuser and two chromed exhaust queues it is equipped. On the roof are standard aluminum bars. We have pictures of the inside of Volkswagen Touran R-Line 2016 , but we are told that you have a aluminum pedals, doorways also in aluminum, lead color trim and leather-wrapped sport steering wheel with metal inserts. The upholstered seat and edging are also different.

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2016 Volkswagen Touran and price range: in Spain from 26,280 euros

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