And now, how about a Mercedes-Maybach for the SUV segment?

Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 2016a few days Ago we presented the new Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet. A convertible that finally saw the light makes it a few hours ago in the Salon Automobile Los Angeles. Normally we are accustomed to relate Maybach with larger sedans long wheelbase and a rare luxury, but this time the society between the two has given rise to a luxurious and powerful convertible used thruster V12 biturbo 6-liter Mercedes-AMG S65 Cabrio, with 630 HP and 1,000 Nm of torque. Its production is limited to just 300 units.

Seems to be that this “approach” of the subsidiary, luxurious for a S-Class Cabrio might not be the only exit out of the top models of the brand of the star. Mercedes is evaluating the possibility of options, unusual for Maybach, and among these might be an SUV. These statements come to the global head of sales, Matthias Luhrs, the average british Autocar. “A SUV Maybach is one of the many options, but we have not yet made any decision”.

Mercedes GLS 2016If they decide to finally launch an SUV, it would be very likely to use the Mercedes GLS as a basis. An off-road vehicle that we met at the end of last year and which measures no less than 5,13 meters long, much like Maybach. In addition, the Mercedes GLS is offered with variants very powerful as the GLS 500 (455 hp) and the GLS 63 AMG (585 hp). Maybach could use the GLS 63 AMG with 585 hp and devote himself virtually alone to increase the comfort and luxury in the passenger compartment.

One of the vehicles signed by Maybach which the best result is giving in terms of sales figures refers to is the S-Class long wheelbase. Since the beginning of its commercialization have been given nothing less than 15,000 units, of which half have been sold in the potent chinese market.

Source – Coach