And the first electric car of Skoda will be… Yes, the Citigo!!!!

Skoda Citigo

In the Salon Automobile de Shanghai we have known the Skoda Vision And. This model, according to the company’s Czech Volkswagen Group, was called to be the first electric vehicle production house. Their technical data are very good and the design, the better that I think that has been the home of Mladá Boleslav. However there was something in this story that we ended up believing without question.

Our doubt was the following. The Volkswagen Group is usually not very generous with their signatures plebeian in terms of transferring technology brand new. It is worth that Seat will premiere the modular platform MQB-A0, but from there to give Skoda an electric vehicle innovative in its range there is a stretch very large. The more rational and sensible, to continue with its approach of group, was the first release on the basis of something known, and there’s the Volkswagen e-UP! and Seat Mii electric are the most recommended.


As you can imagine the first electric model that will hit the market, Skoda is the Citigo. The e-Up! and Mii are already starting steps business and as is logical, the model of the house Czech will benefit from the same engine to make its first foray in the market. Its structural basis and mechanical (traditional) is the same, so that the development costs of this electric version will be much less than if we speak of a completely new model.

This information has not been confirmed by Skoda but neither has it been denied. The reason for the “not” negation is the following. Following the presentation of the Vision And in Shanghai the leaders of the signature Czech stated that the concept that we saw there will not be his first electric model of production. All in all, if you do account now yes that seem to balance since the launch of such a product is intended for Volkswagen (as a brand) and Seat and Skoda have to wait for a second offensive.

With what we have, and in months, it is with the commercial launch of the Skoda Superb hybrid. This model will be the spearhead of the offensive Czech in terms of sustainable mobility and hence to heaven. There will be time to know their plans, because the Volkswagen Group tends to be so twisted.

Source – Skoda

Skoda Citigo
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