And the ten urban sold of 2016 in Spain are the following

SEAT Ibiza 2016

Traditionally the segment of the urban is the second highest number of sales brings together in Spain. The secret of its success is based on a measures which stood at four meters (although now exceed by very little), a habitability interior enough for its exterior size, equipment of comfort and safety that has nothing to do with the that carried the urban traded a decade ago, a range mechanics to the height of the expectations of the driver and a dynamical behaviour very correct.

this past year 2016 have had to fight against the segment the compact (the king of sales in Spain) and SUV (in all its varieties). To the first have not managed to win the battle, but the latter, for now, they are showing that they remain useful in the cities. With a total of 258.144 units sold have been to few 20.448 units of the compact and have managed to surpass the SUV with 43.201 more units. Now we see what have been the ten urban more sold in Spain during the past year, and how many units have managed to enroll.

1. Seat Ibiza: 31.936 units

SEAT Ibiza Cupra 2016

to Be one of the more urban veterans in the market has not prevented the Seat Ibiza has risen as the most sales has obtained during 2016. Excellent quality interior, dynamic behavior of first level and a range of mechanical enviable to many of its rivals have allowed him to register 31.936 units. Looking ahead to next year we should get to know your surrogate and to good safe will close 2017 as the best-selling novel, that is.

2nd. Opel Corsa: 26.904 units

Opel Corsa

the same thing happens to the Seat Ibiza because, although it has been two years in the market, you will note your experience in such aspects as a design side a little spent and a quality interior, a point behind the recent urban arrivals to the market. However, the Opel Corsa plays the trick of its good technological equipment as the main argument to sneak into the life of 26.904 customers this past 2016. The next year we will also meet his replacement will come a little more to his older brother Astra to continue on the crest of the wave.

3rd. Volkswagen Polo: 25.424 units

Volkswagen Polo Beats

The Volkswagen Polo is a classic of our roads and cities. Leads selling for years (in all generations) but his name is synonymous with quality. Like the Ibiza very soon be presented to its next-generation, but in the meantime manages to hold the guy very well and to close the podium of honor of the 2016. In the past year has achieved register 25.424 units asserting their quality, their dynamic behavior and their range mechanics as key selling points.

4th. Renault Clio: 25.366 units

Renault Clio 2016 Initiale París

Renault the Clio has been able to to give a qualitative leap huge for this generation with the previous one have nothing to do. Now the city of halle is located very close to the top of the category, and as proof of this, is that it is able to of overtaking two heavy weights as the Peugeot 208 and Citroën C3. During the past year has managed to enroll 25.366 units based on a large space and a dynamical behaviour very close to the best.

5th. Dacia Sandero: 25.070 units

Dacia Sandero Stepway

Dacia Sandero has become with the passage of time in the hen of the golden eggs of Renault. It is true that their quality leaves something to be desired, his range mechanics is not the most wide and its technological equipment and security is still a step behind that of its main rivals. But the price of demolition and an aesthetic very resultona have allowed the urban Romanian achieved enroll in 2016 25.070 units. Now that has gone under the knife to make a small facelift will surely gain some positions ahead of 2017.

6th. Peugeot 208: 21.596 units

Peugeot 208 Roland Garros

Peugeot with the 208 is doing really well in the market, however it is located away from the data that you obtained the extinct 206. However the urban areas of the signature of the lion is able to withstand the type thanks to a range mechanical very well-compensated and a dynamic behavior very well resolved. Pity that its interior space is not of the most extensive and that your price will not accompany you in some of their versions. With all during the past 2016 has managed to register some pretty decent 21.596 units.

7th. Toyota Yaris: 13.957 units

Prueba Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Toyota Yaris is the big surprise among the urban in Spain. Traditionally has not been a model of great sales in our country, but since the firm decided to launch it on a hybrid version of its enrolments have soared dramatically. The main qualities, japanese model are its low consumption (in the hybrid version), and superior maneuverability in the big city, next to a habitability very accomplished for its small size outside. Prices and equipment are placed a rung above some of southern rivals, but that is another topic as with this car we can cycle through the centre of Madrid but close to the traffic. 13.957 units registered in 2016 attest to the small city of Toyota.

8th. Citroën C3: 12.674 units

Citroën C3

The Citroën C3 is (quotation marks very large) one of the big losers in this ranking. Traditionally the signature of the two chevrones has been located in the positions of head when he played talk of the sale of their urban. However, the French model has been entirely renovated before the end of 2016, and that situation is the fact that their sales are reduced until the 12.674 units. The new model has been a revolution in the signature and now it is again to be among the best in its category. Will have to see if 2017 is their year and if he manages to climb positions in the ranking of sales.

9th. Ford Fiesta: 12.466 units

Ford Fiesta ST200

Ford Fiesta has lived in their meat the same situation as that of the Citroën C3. Your veteran has passed the bill until its generational reach the market (it has been presented a month ago rare). In their favor plays that its dynamic behaviour and range mechanics is enviable and against her expertise, a quality interior, a point behind their rivals, and an inner space in the lower middle. For what other their 12.466 units registered in 2016 demonstrate that in spite of his years is a very round.

10. Hyundai i20: 11.333 units

Prueba Hyundai i20 Coupé 1.4 100 CV

Closes this ranking of the ten urban most sold in Spain in 2016 the Hyundai i20. The latest iteration of this model came on the market at the end of 2015 and for 2016 has shown that the Korean company is able to make cars very good. Among its tricks are a price (with promotions) on the right, an interior space very worthy and a equipment more than correct. Against play a dynamic behavior more bourgeois and a range of mechanical less broad than that of their rivals. With all during his first year of life in the Spanish market has managed to overcome the ten-thousand-units and be in the 11.333.

And what happens with the rest?

After the Hyundai i20 there is more to life as evidenced by the Kia Rio with 10.258 units register and the Audi A1 and Mini with 9.292 and 8.967 units registered respectively. The rest of the models that close the rankings fail to register for more than 8.618 units that you have enrolled on the Skoda Fabia last generation.

Source – Aniacam