And this is how our car will become the office of the hand of Harman and Microsoft

how Many times have we spoken of the possibilities of the car connected as a substitute for the traditional office? So, today, from the hand of Harman and Microsoft on his debut in the CES 2016, I present to you this prototype that exploits all the possibilities of the car connected to imagine how they could be the cars of the future once driving autonomous a tangible reality and possibilities into account connectivity and hardware make it possible to perform all kinds of steps in office automation and communication from the inside of our car.


On the way to your physical office you can make a Skype with suppliers, checking e-mail or perform the tasks pending

The idea of car converted into office is becoming more and more common among manufacturers, and that is taking into account the time spent by the bulk of the population in your vehicle while doing certain rides, what better idea than to take advantage of that time to go ahead of tasks. Up until now, the technology is always had been found, the problem of distraction for the driver to manage everything that is alien to the driving, but with driving autonomously around the corner everything has changed.

In this way, Harman has used the package Microsoft’s Office 365 to integrate a suite of applications and programs to support most of the tasks that we need in the day-to-day. Thus, the user only has to identify with a phone number and a code, and you’ll have instant access to your profile and all of their tasks, nothing more to sit in the car. Everything can be controlled by voice commands, touch controls or functions gestural, besides counting with a large high resolution screen embedded in the dashboard to have a panoramic display of our entire office.


That will not be the slightest doubt that this proposal of Harman and Microsoft is much more than a prototype, because although it is true that there are still a few years to see the autonomous car in our streets, the technology companies are already in conversations very advanced with the builders of automobile to integrate this kind of ideas.

Source: Harman
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