And what about the brands of cars most sought-after in the world on Google for 2016 are?

Marcas de coches más buscadas en 2016 mundo

Internet has become our encyclopedia to get all kinds of information. In the network we can find everything, but despite this there are that know very well where we look for data that we can use to be clear and reliable. As in everything, the automobile sector has not escaped of its influence, and as is logical the brands of cars are the target of all our searches in the network of networks.

Thanks to a study prepared by Quickco (using as base data the Google search engine) we have been able to know what are the brands of cars most sought-after in the world during 2016. In addition, not only do we offer that information in a way generic, but they have been shelling and country to country, what is the brand that most range of searches it has had in the network. If we look at the world map that opens this news we can see that Toyota has been the brand’s most-wanted in all the world being a leader in 74 markets for a total of 193 surveyed.

Marcas de coches más buscadas en 2016 Europa

Behind Toyota, in the second, third, and fourth place are BMW, Honda, and Hyundai respectively. As is logical, some of these brands are within the top 10 of the largest manufacturers in the world. But surprised that being Volkswagen the absolute monarch of 2016 (for sales) their searches on the net will be a lot less than brands like Renault or Mercedes-Benz. All of this is worldwide, because if we pass to study the brands that are most sought after in Europe, the thing changes slightly.

In the old continent, the firm’s most wanted has been BMW. In second place we have with Volkswagen and is already in third place (sharing post) to Hyundai and Renault. If we reduce our area of influence and we pass to our country, is not Seat the signature clikeada. In Spain has been Volkswagen that has been the greatest number of searches on Google, probably due to the problem of the emissions of their diesel engines.

To finish we must mention that the number of searches on the internet of the brands of cars has nothing to do with the volume of sales annual they may have. However, it serves to know the interest that people have about them and the way they work and interact with other actors, making Quickco has produced a good report, worthy of a sociological study.

Source – Quickco