And what about you, has convinced the new Toyota C-HR?

The Toyota RAV4 came out with a “brother”. Yes, Toyota has a new SUV, called Toyota C-HR and proposes a bold look, a striking line that becomes undoubtedly one of its main attractions, offering something different, a distinctive look, something that already earned the Nissan Juke to rise as one of the references of the segment. What we have seen in the official images, now it is the turn of knowing the natural, direct from the Geneva.

Its wheel arches bulging, and his sharp features defined aesthetics of this SUV in which there are also details like these large optical rear, the arrangement of the handles of the rear doors and the veins that emphasize the gesture of the front of the panel from the pillar A.

Mechanically it has been announced as a propellant petrol 1.2 Turbo of 115 horses and a hybrid alternative of 122 horses, with the same mechanical assembly that the new Toyota Prius.

we will Have to wait for more details of your marketing, and even to see a snapshot of your cabin to which we have not yet had access to.

Fabio Capano, head of product communication for Toyota, we did recently stressed, during a meeting with the occasion of the launch of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, in that their dynamic was going to be something more emotional that the mean of the segment, and that to understand his approach we can see more of the RAV4 as a car for families and this C-HR as a model “for singles”.


Gallery of images of the Toyota C-HR from Geneva: