Andrea de Cesaris and his 15 years in Formula One

Andrea de Cesaris was a pilot of Formula 1 Italian that ran for 10 teams. He received the nickname of Andrea de Crasheris due to the accident that she starred in. In 2014 he passed away after an accident on a motorcycle occurred in Italy.

Andrea-de-Cesaris-4Chen all thought it was a pilot finished, they entrusted him with the Sauber of Karl Wendliner in Monaco and was fourth. Running with the same fire that was in 1980, 15 years before, when Canada ranked fourth, less than half a second of his team-mate at Alfa Romeo, the historic Bruno Giacomelli.

De Cesaris, with typical character of the stereotype of an Italian that we all know, said “enough” at the start of the season 1995. However, in intimacy, with tempers calm, he said with apparent sadness in his words as he felt for having left the maximum category after 15 years:

“Today the Formula One is a fact support before that sporting. Until the preparation of the pilot follow diagrams very professional and the work of driving has become very heavy. Requires a passion that is directly subordinate to the result. I’m not complaining; when I shared the equipment with Barrichello, Jordan, I was in front in Monaco and on several occasions, at Sauber, I was able to leave behind Frentzen that was one of the great promises of the time”.

Andrea-de-Cesaris-5Andrea-de-Cesaris-2Obviously has a place to speak of the Italian team for excellence, which was near-to-integrate: “it Is true that in the mid-80’s I was close to Ferrari, which is the maximum for the italians to those who like motorsports, but they would need to talk with René Arnoux to know the true reasons why it was not implemented my income”, dispatched the Italian.

Still being very fast, the history remember him as one of those pilots that suffered a lot of accidents when you least expect him. Some of them spectacular as that experienced in Zeltweg in 1985, in which his car would not stop tumble and was saved by the carbon fiber which was built by its racing car.

In fact, he owes his nickname to his accident at Zandvoort, in which he came to the curve Tarzan without brakes and was for the rest of his career the nickname “Crasheris”.

1991 Andrea de CesarisAndrea ran for 10 marks, a fact that at that time and even today it stands as a pilot of the highest level because not only were small teams, but was also linked to other first level.

Even so, remember, that its best moments are tied to Alfa Romeo and teams with good people like Tyrrell and Jordan; and how much he liked to drive those “wing-car” of the 80’s with a very high speed in curve and V12 engines, in particular in the street circuits like Long Beach or Detroit where the shortcomings of the self can be replace with skill at the wheel. As he did for example with the computer Rial, a small “team” in which there were only 12 people.

The Italian, was a pilot with passion, those who run for the love of racing instead of the money, and if not achieved great results in the maximum category, managed to win two world titles kart, an achievement of which can not boast some great champions. A pilot who when asked if she felt melancholy for having left the Formula 1 responded “I’m sorry to tell you not to. I would have liked to respond in another way,”.


Author: Paul Wassouf

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