Andreas Bakkerud thinks to be formed and compete in WRC2


Many are the pilots of rallies that have been found in the rallycross a second chance, or simply a place to compete again at the top level. However, it is not common to see as a pilot travels the reverse path and less if it is one of the heavy weights of the World Rallycross. In spite of this, Andreas Bakkerud is considering to compete in the WRC in the season 2018, every time that the project of Ford Performance and Hoonigan Racing Division in the World of Rallycross has closed its doors and there are not too many options to find a project of guarantees.

does Not appear nor much less a bluff and Andreas Bakkerud is looking to compete in WRC2 next year. The Norwegian understands that to ride a vehicle R5 can improve your riding and that is an alternative really interesting to challenge the World RX if there is an interesting project on the table. In this aspect, Bakkerud would not get blind, or far less, the second category in the world championship because he has flown on more than one occasion a Ford Fiesta R2T with Miriam Walfridsson as co-pilot and has even had the chance to test a Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2017.

The own Andreas Bakkerud in statements to ‘Autosport’ confirmed this possibility: “I’ve been wondering if I should call Malcolm Wilson and to talk about doing a full season of WRC2 next year and wait for my right time in rallycross. I believe everything in this moment. Stay in the rallycross is my main goal, but I want to drive full-time in the World Rallycross and that can only be accomplished under certain terms. I need to find a winning team that has the same goals and objectives and also keep in mind the rallycross electric. otherwise, the WRC2 is a great option“.