Andreas Mikkelsen takes the Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe


Andreas Mikkelsen has completed the test provided with the
Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe in Portugal
, what have been your first few miles
with a World Rally Car of new generation at the margin of the non-approved Volkswagen
Polo R WRC. During the day of testing,
the Norwegian has had time to dazzle us with his speed natural some
members of the team, as the Alain Penasse. All in all, the day of testing
in the region, Portuguese Baiao has also had a gray since
Mikkelsen has had a small out of track.

Fortunately for the interests of Andreas Mikkelsen, of your
co-driver Anders Jaeger and Hyundai Motorsport, this mishap has taken place
in the final stretch of the day of testing
, so that neither pilot nor machine have
lost real-time of work in his preparation for the Rally of Argentina. In
this aspect, the Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe has suffered small bruises and damage
in the area of the windshield and the headlights
, while Mikkelsen and Jaeger have
emerged unscathed. Thus, a small minor accident in a day
very helpful for all the parties
, as they have confessed themselves

own Alain Penasse, Manager of Hyundai, recognized ‘’ the good work of Mikkelsen in his debut with the i20: The test has gone pretty well. Andreas gave a good feedback and was happy with the car. We were impressed with some things. Was definitely a good collaboration. We had three days of test and Paddon was in New Zealand, so it made sense to call Mikkelsen. By the time this is the only test that is going to make. For now there are no more tests planned. It is normal that we negotiate with Andreas when you do not have to do anything, but there is more”.