Android Auto and Apple’s Carplay integrated in the Volkswagen Touran


in order not to decide for one technology or the other, the group Volkswagen decided to incorporate both systems, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, its vehicle for both users iPhone as of Android could match your smartphones to their cars and enjoy the benefits that the system can offer them.

The following model of the house in making the coupling of these systems has been the , Volkswagen Touran. The new revision of the minivan will incorporate Android Auto and Carplay. The owners of this model will be able to synchronize your Android smartphone or Apple thanks to the possibility of choosing the system that is going to connect the vehicle and even be able to change the system from one mobile to another.

Android Auto

With this system, the applications developed for Android devices will be able to behave to the vehicle provided that they comply with the safety guidelines and are based on voice recognition, or adapted for the display of a car. Google Voice will be the technology that will make the bridge between the orders given by the driver through its control on the steering wheel and the apps.

at the moment there are 41-compatible applications with this system, among which we can find Google Maps, Google Play Music, Skype, Telegram, etc…

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay allows you to connect both devices iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, Plus and the new iPhone 6S. Through the system the user will be able to use several apps through its voice assistant, Siri, or touch screen. Also you will be able to use functions such as phone, news, maps and music.



in Addition to the two systems discussed, the Volkswagen Touran is also incorporated in your system MirrorLink through which the driver is able to use several apps developed by Volkswagen as Call & Remind, Drive & Tranck, My Guide, Think Blue.Trainer, Shared Audio, and Sound Journey.