Android Auto displays its products at the Google I/O 2016


Has come to the annual event most awaited for fans of Google, the Google I/O, where the internet giant introduces the world to new devices and new software, whose star dish is the new version of its mobile operating system, Android N. But in the meantime, mobile there is also a space reserved for Android Auto, which is renewed with interesting aspects.Would you take a look?

The first novelty we have shown is that you already it shall not be necessary for the car to be compatible with Android Auto, but from now on the application will be run from the mobile. It is an important development since up to the time you could not run from any car if this was not designed for this purpose. An upcoming update will allow us to use it simply placing the phone on a support and already we can begin to use the functionalities offered by this application is specially designed for use while driving.

The information is reflected on the screen of the mobile, prioritizing the control via voice and a design with larger items, to be able to press with ease, something that the growing size of the mobile also makes it easy to.


The other big news is that the connection on the phone with the car will be without cables, via WiFi, so its use will be much more comfortable. Until now it was missing, to connect the phone via USB to the system of the car.

may Also be interesting for many, the arrival of the functionality “OK Google” inside the car. From now on, Android Auto will be able to recognize the key phrase and activate the voice recognition to perform the main functions for a very long time we have available in our mobile.

finally, it is worth mentioning the integration of Waze, the app that works as assistant on the road telling us about the accidents or the traffic situation. We are currently working on the interaction via voice to your arrival at the car.

Also presentaró new hardware. The Automotive platform is a device that Google has unveiled in conjunction with Qualcomm on a Maserati Ghibli. The device will allow us to transfer what we have in the mobile to the car and control elements such as the air conditioning or close the window. In summary, each time more facilities to make us more easy driving.