ANFAC welcomes the megacamiones


Of a maximum length of 18.75 meters passed to 25,25 meters. These trucks consist of a towing main (13,6 meters) and a shorter one (7,82 m), which is a increase of the useful volume of 50%. These “road trains” are no novelty in several european countries.

Spain is the second european company of cars, the logistical needs of the suppliers and factories are considerable, and the rail transport is not as effective as would be desirable.

According to ANFAC, the use of these sets of articulated large size will reduce the price of the ton transported per kilometer by 22% and up to 700 million of savings for the Spanish economy. According to the same source, will produce less wear on the road network.


These mastodons of the road resulting in a reduction of emissions, since two megacamiones of 25,25 meters can be transported with the same
goods three trucks-conventional
, and we save the move for a third tractor. On the other hand, there is one driver less to pay salary and subsistence.

To the employer of the manufacturers, these vehicles are all advantages. The regulations, published in the official gazette, specifies that “may Be authorized by the competent body in the field of traffic, subject to a report binding on the holder-of-way, the movement of combinations of vehicles in setting euro-modular …”

In other words, not putting on any site, but where authorised, mainly motorways and dual carriageways, and with a favorable report. Although increases on a timely basis the risk to the road users, suppress gradually the number of trucks in circulation, so that one thing can compensate for the other.


To get an idea of how much are 60 tons, a Boeing 737-300, which measures 32,18 meters, carrying 58 tonnes, but with a fuel consumption per tonne and kilometre is much higher. In addition, are not so great, the lower category of a road train australian is 26,6-27,5 meters.

Disadvantages, if any, haylas. A megacamiĆ³n of 60 tons is a very serious problem as you have to brake in an emergency, because it accumulates a huge amount of kinetic energy. In addition, infrastructure limit greatly its mobility, and they need the support of smaller vehicles in logistics platforms.

According to ANFAC, the car industry will save 110 million euros per year, and therefore increase our competitiveness. This solution is faster that wait for Renfe Freight become more efficient and complete the corridors for this type of trains, which are faster and more economical.