Another accident of the car of Google and this time…yes it has been your fault


Due to the new law that regulates the circulation of autonomous cars in the state of California that allows you to perform tests in real-world environments for months now that the streets of some cities are being traveled by such vehicle. A provision of this act requires to make public all reports of errors and accidents caused by these cars for safety reasons.

According to a report by the DMW (Departamentento of motor vehicles) of California, February 14 for an autonomous car of Google suffered a minor collision with a city bus. This is not the first time that a car of Google is involved in an accident, but yes this is the first time that it is the car causing the accident.

As indicated in the report the deceased was a Lexus RX450h, a model that is used to mount the prototype of autonomous car, which is property of Google. The accident took place in the street El Camino Real (three-lane) to the intersection of the street of Castro in the city of Mountain View, which is the headquarters of the internet giant.

probably the situation was that the car was located in the right lane in order to turn right at the next junction, but due to an obstacle in his lane, blocking that he had to to change to the middle lane. After pass several vehicles before the lane change, the vehicle was a bus that was approaching from behind he passed him on the step but was wrong in the prediction and ended up crashing his front left side of the bus.

Because the bus was circulated to 25 km/h and the car to 3 km/h the accident was not serious, and there were wounded. The car was damaged in the left front wheel, rearview mirror and proximity sensors on the driver’s side.

The pilot of the car stated that could have intervened but also I thought that the bus would stop for yield.

Tomorrow, Google will make a few statements with respect to the accident confirming that the vehicle was wrong in the prediction of the behavior of the bus.