Another bad start dooms Hamilton and crown to Rosberg


Everything pointed to Lewis Hamilton… until the pifió in the output. Nico Rosberg has taken oil with a victory that allows you to leave Europe with only two points of disadvantage in front of his companion, and the race of Singapore aims to be much harder than expected. The podium was completed Sebastian Vettel, with Kimi Räikkönen room options.

Fernando Alonso, which surprised with a last pit stop just two laps to find the fastest lap (the first from Abu Dhabi, 2013), she finished 14th, just ahead of Carlos Sainz.

again Hamilton liándola in the output

Again Lewis Hamilton gave a lesson in how not to exit. The british stayed nailed, as in so many other careers, together with a brilliant departure from Ferrari and his teammate Nico Rosberg (or believed I saw), she sent him to the sixth place. From the radio exculparon the pilot, and his engineer of track assumed all the responsibility this time. Out guilt of a person who was, the consequence was that Hamilton was forced to comeback again, but with a Mercedes so colossal and a strategy ‘against the grain’ with respect to the rest (he and Rosberg went out on soft tyres) very soon got back to second place.

was Not an easy exit for anyone, because Fernando Alonso dodged Felipe Massa by pure reflexes. The brazilian almost eats the Spanish, but this managed to stay on track without touching anyone. In fact, his comeback took him to the area of points, fighting with a Max Verstappen more loose than usual for the tenth position, but a bad pit stop sent him very far away from the points. The culprit: a bug in the split of the steering wheel, which made him think that even he could not get out.

Worse it was the start of career Felipe Nasr, target Jolyon Palmer, he ended up ditching by the pilot of Renault.

Rosberg and Hamilton, the plan; Alonso, plan B

While Vettel and Räikkönen opted for a strategy of two stops, from the start, the Mercedes raised a race at a time, as has almost always thought of Monza. Both the leader of the race Rosberg as the leader of the championship Hamilton made it clear that they were not going to gamble: both mounted on medium tyres. The dispute for the victory would be on the track, or it would not be.

so that they do not have the other pilots is with the problems of tire wear. One of them was Fernando Alonso, that he was compelled to mount the last game soft new available a few laps earlier than planned. The Spanish, just before to complain about saw how he passed the Force India of Sergio Perez happened to him as an exhalation, it was complaining about ‘blistering’ (blisters on the tires for excess heat), and asked him to go to plan ‘B’.

With Jenson Button they kept to the plan, which allowed that, in the absence of eight laps, the briton could overtake at the first chicane with superblandos to your partner by the 12th square.

In a career of more than anodyne, Daniel Ricciardo woke up to all five laps from the end, when in an action absolutely brilliant and very clean earned him the fifth position Valtteri Bottas, in an action that automatically makes him the top candidate to become the ‘Driver of the Race’.

The more surreal end of the test was the decision of McLaren: they asked to enter Alonso to mount tires superblandos and get, in the last lap, the fastest lap of the test, the first that achieved from Abu Dhabi 2013.

times Table Race Grand Prix Italia

Pos. Piloto Dorsal Equipo Tiempo Laps
1 Alemania Nico Rosberg 6 Mercedes GANADOR 53
2 Gran Bretaña Lewis Hamilton 44 Mercedes +15.070 53
3 Alemania Sebastian Vettel 5 Ferrari +20.990 53
4 Finlandia Kimi Raikkonen 7 Ferrari +27.561 53
5 Australia Daniel Ricciardo 3 Network Bull +45.295 53
6 Finlandia Valtteri Bottas 77 Williams +51.015 53
7 Países Bajos Max Verstappen 33 Network Bull +54.236 53
8 México Sergio Perez 11 Force India +64.954 53
9 Brasil Felipe Massa 19 Williams +65.617 53
10 Alemania Nico Hulkenberg 27 Force India +78.656 53
11 Francia Romain Grosjean 8 Haas F1 Team +1L 52
12 Gran Bretaña Jenson Button 22 McLaren +1L 52
13 México Esteban Gutiérrez 21 Haas F1 Team +1L 52
14 España Fernando Alonso 14 McLaren +1L 52
15 España Carlos Sainz 55 Toro Rosso +1L 52
16 Suecia Marcus Ericsson 9 Sauber +1L 52
17 Dinamarca Kevin Magnussen 20 Renault +1L 52
18 Francia Esteban Ocon 31 Manor F1 +2L 51
Ret Rusia Daniil Kvyat 26 Toro Rosso 0
Ret Alemania Pascal Wehrlein 94 Manor F1 0
Ret Gran Bretaña Jolyon Palmer 30 Renault 0
Ret Brasil Felipe Nasr 12 Sauber 0