Another major hit of the PSA Group, may also acquire the malaysian Proton

Grupo PSA Logotipo

If the other day I saw the news that the Group PSA was in negotiations with General Motors to keep Opel and Vauxhall now we bring you other news as the good. As the collective of the network, DRB-Hicom would be negotiating the sale of one of their signatures to the end within the French group.

The mark which would be on the table would be Proton and seeing the path that leads would not be surprising that the information is real. These rumors also come from the hand of the other and would be that Lotus Cars (another of the brands within the conglomerate DRB-Hicom) it would also be sold. However, in this case the firm that more ballots have to stay with it is the china’s Geely.

This news is already atisbaba as DRB-Hicom asked for financial aid to the government of Malaysia. The condition laid down by his government was to seek a better support and better industrial relations with other groups or brands. After receiving a part of the capital, DRB-Hicom got in touch with several firms international and it seems to be that it would have agreed to lose control of their brands to avoid bankruptcy.


Since then, if the PSA Group stays with Proton is because they have a plan ahead with it. The idea of the French would be to improve its penetration in the asian markets and counting with a regional brand things could be easier. In addition, Proton also would provide other aid to be cut economically, and it is from Malaysia it could export its cars to several oriental markets without the need to pay the tariffs that would have to pay now if you would take it.

To continue with these plans, the PSA Group would have suggested to DRB-Hicom the construction of a new factory. It would be the models for regional markets in addition to that Proton could produce. With it the productive capacity of the brand malay would increase exponentially. The reason is that currently only made about 150 or 200 thousand vehicles per year and with the arrival of the French models the figures could be close to a million units.

on the other hand, PSA would not be in competition with the china Geely. The reason is that the French group would not be interested in Lotus Cars for its idiosyncrasies and the losses it accumulates. This DRB-Hicom would be two partners of weight in the automotive industry without losing part of the equity of their brands.

Will have to see how will happen the facts, but if the PSA Group is done with Opel, Vauxhall and Proton (and everything goes as planned) we could be up against one of the groups car more surprises will give us in the next few years.