Another victim mortal more by the airbags is defective Takata

AirbagUnfortunately, we have to go back to talk about the airbags defective manufactured by Takata. And is that a woman died on the 30th September at the controls of your vehicle. As reported by Honda to the environment Automotive News, this woman of 50 years of age, died when, due to an accident, your airbag will be detonated. Due to the faulty construction of the air bag, this produced a few wounds on the victim that ended his life.

The car that was driving at the time of the accident was a Honda Civic 2001. A model that was among the 313,000 aviation Honda and Acura advised that its airbag system was defective and, in the event of an accident, greatly increased the risk of death. Honda had warned in June to the owners of the cars affected to stop driving it by supposing a “serious danger”.

AirbagThe car company is japanese, claims that this version was call to review for the first time in the year 2008, having sent out 20 notices by mail to the owners of this vehicle. According to Reuters, at least 16 people have died for the airbags is defective from the company Takata, while known at least 100 people who have been injured by this same element.

The NHTSA reports that almost 70 million of airbags produced by this company have been called to review and will be retired completely in 2019 in a special plan. Of all of them, around 11.4 million have already been removed and replaced by systems that fulfill well its function.

Despite the fact that the bug obviously has been of Takata by producing and marketing a air bags are defective, it is important to note that we must make the case to calls to review, especially when it comes to safety elements, airbags, brake systems, or just the sensors of the ABS.

Source – Automotive News