ANT: when the world of cafe racers joins the scooters

The rush for the cafe racer and the transformations of classic cut has not passed through the world of the scooters and but tell that to Deus Ex Machina, one of the preparers of greater international fame collaborating with Peugeot to prepare for a Peugeot Django (see all the details of Le Derny). In Spain, from the hand of PAN Speed Shop and, with a tempting price you can get with a ANT, an excellent proposal if you are looking for a scooter different, but… what is that ANT?

ANT is a proposal of PAN Speed Shop, a new trainer national that has caught the legendary Honda Super Cub and given it a twist, customizing and putting it on sale with a price of 2.990 euros + VAT.

This price is closed so that you can choose between different paintings and design elements without it affecting the final invoice.

A simple product, yes, but loaded with charisma, adding the customization, and the charm of the bikes transformed with a product able to reach to a wider audience and marketed as if a serial product, is involved, but with the important added value of being modified for each client.

A new handlebar, a new instrumentation, a new seat, a new mudguard, shock absorbers, fists, the paint job, items have been deleted superfluous…

pan_speed_shop_ant_DM_4pan_speed_shop_ant_DM_2Mechanically PAN Speed Shop have been kept intact to the original block, a reliable propellant of 107cc (you can drive with the car driving license) that develops a power of 5.5 horses and that you can bring to this scooter up to the 90 km/h.

is A good idea? Since then I seems. A good solution for which you do not want to complicate things looking for a classic scooter to transform it, for the one who wants a scooter different and get away from the usual Vespa.