Anti-Tesla! Porsche is ready to surprise us with the Pajun

load again the rumors about the idea of ​​a saloon Porsche below the Porsche Panamera, Porsche Panamera Junior. But there’s more. This sedan could move by a mechanism that would willing to make this Porsche Pajun all-electric mechanical a tough opponent for Tesla Model S .

The French publication L’Automobile is responsible to convey the possible movement of Porsche warning us that for now this project is still presented as a model conceptual .

But when will it be presented?

According to the aforementioned means we have to wait to Frankfurt, at Frankfurt , in September, to know, to learn this first step before the arrival of a sedan production besides look mechanical power can also look conventional diesel and gasoline .

In this Pajun Tesla it has a huge rival. Hopefully the forecasts are met in September and we know the first steps of this new Porsche, this “mini” Panamera.

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