António Félix Da Costa gets his second GP of Macau


António Félix Da Costa has registered its name with letters
gold in the history of Macao
at the launch for the second time champion of the Grand Prix of Formula 3, now converted into FIA F3 World Cup. The Portuguese rider joins
Edo Mortara and Felix Rosenqvist as the only drivers who have two wins in
this prestigious test. The own Rosenqvist and Sérgio Sette Câmara have
completed the podium
to a race with two Safety Car and a few options
go back to the only Spanish rider in mind. In this aspect, Dani Juncadella
has not been able to move from the eighth position
with the single-seater Hitech GP.

António Félix Da Costa signed a bad start and that it was hard for him to miss the first position with Sérgio Sette Câmara, that I got the interior in ‘Lisbon’ to overcome the Portuguese and pass to Callum Ilott, who in turn lost several positions during the first lap. In this way, Kenta Yamashita climbed to the third position, followed by Felix Rosenvist. For his part, Dani Juncadela was ‘anchored‘ in the seventh position, having in front the own’illot and George Russell, the two drivers who lost positions at the start and not to delay braking to the pilot Spanish.

After consolidated the positions, Felix Rosenqvist passed into the attack and managed to beat Kenta Yamashita, a move that took advantage of Callum Illot to also sneak by in front of the pilot asian. In a similar manoeuvre, Jake Hughes will win the game Dani Juncadella, which fell to the eighth position. However, the race had just experienced his first laps and distances kneaded by a few and others were overturned by the accident of Nikita Mazepin. The mishap in the sector intermediate of the track caused the departure of the Safety Car, which returned to unite the leaders of the race.


The progress of the Safety Car left a new change of leader
since António Félix Da Costa surpassed Sergio Sette Câmara. Behind,
Arjun Maini was played with a rival and was shocked against the protections of the curve ‘Lisbon’, although the mishap was fixed fairly quickly and did not require the
the presence of a new safety car, although it allowed Pedro Piquet
ascendiese to the ninth position
, just behind Dani Juncadella. The
wake of this, Alex Sims and Nick Cassidy also earned some positions
when you exceeded the ecuador of the race in the former Portuguese colony.

The accident of Nick and Cassidy were forced to the output of the Safety
Car back to the track
, that was coming back to close the gap between the pilots of
head to to leave a the end of the race with a clear flavor to Macau, a
battle almost to-face or cross in the resalida of the race. A fight in which
came forth the winner once more António Félix Da Costa
that I was holding in the brake to
Sette Câmara and Felix Rosenqvist. A step behind, Callum Ilott not
I took advantage of the opportunity to fight for the podium. In fact, it was surpassed by Yamashita,
while Hughes overcame Russell.

Felix Rosenqvist overtook Sérgio Sette Câmara to a
back from the end, thus seeking to enter the battle for the victory. However,
the Swedish didn’t have slipstream as possible about Da Costa and the podium positions not
changed more. António Félix Da Costa got his second victory in the GP of
after which he earned in 2012, putting the finishing touches on a season that has left the DTM. Felix Rosenqvist and Sérgio Sette Câmara
completed the podium, with Kenta Yamashita in fourth position and Callum Ilott in
the fifth square. For his part, Dani Juncadella crossed the finish line eighth.

end Result of the 63rd Grand Prix of Macao F3

Position Pilot Chassis / Engine Time / Difference
1 António Félix Da Costa Dallara Volkswagen 15 laps
2nd Felix Rosenqvist Dallara Mercedes +1.603
3rd Sérgio Sette Câmara Dallara Volkswagen +3.194
4th Kenta Yamashita Dallara Tomei +3.862
5th Callum Ilott Dallara Mercedes +4.348
6th Jake Hughes Dallara Volkswagen +6.191
7th George Russell Dallara Mercedes +7.027
8th Dani Juncadella Dallara Mercedes +7.840
9th Pedro Piquet Dallara Mercedes +9.361
10th Alexander Sims Dallara Mercedes +11.294