António Félix Da Costa triumphs in the Qualifying Race for F3


António Félix Da Costa will start in the first position of the 63rd GP of Macao after getting the victory in the Qualifying Race. The Portuguese rider, who managed perfectly the times of the race after the departure of the Safety Car, overtook George Russell to score the win in a clear way. Callum Ilott has crossed the finish line in second position, while Sérgio Sette Câmara has closed the podium in a test marked by the strong accident of the output. For his part, Dani Juncadella has climbed to the seventh position and it still remains with the options of fight for the win in the Grand Prix.

George Russell started from pole in a departure that was soon to become a Safety Car due to the strong accident of several cars. The biggest victim in the percanceera Ye Hong Li, that came out catapulted above the F3 of Daiki Sasaki, all time that this had slowed to avoid hitting a wing broken. Were also involved in the accident Maximilian Günther, Lando Norris and Anthoine Hubert. All in all, Callum Ilott went to the front of the race ahead of António Félix Da Costa and Sérgio Sette Câmara, while Dani Juncadella won a position to be placed ninth.

After cleaning of the remnants of fiber
carbon present in the curve ‘Mandarin’, the race restarted with six laps
ahead. Callum Ilott was quite skillful to the hour to take action,
although that did not prevent António Felix Da Costa is set to lead at
to pass him by slipstream
. Sérgio Sette Câmara and George Russell were getting
keep for its part, the third and fourth position, while among the ten
first classified there were no more changes, any time that Dani Juncadella
managed to retain its eighth position
with some trouble before the attacks
Daniel Tricktum.


António Félix Da Costa was nearly a second away
between his car and Callum Illot of are constant in the last two
sectors of each lap, distance just for the pilot of Vam Amersfoort
Racing could not give chase for slipstream in the vast straight of the Circuit Gives
Guide. Nor George Russell managed to give chase to Sette Câmara, so that the
best battles were in the rear of the group with a maneuver to the
boundary between David Beckmann, Sam McLeod, and Peter Piquet came out winning
this last to ascend to the twelfth square.

All in all, Dani Juncadella managed to pass Nick Cassidy and
Alex Sims did the same with Daniel Ticktum, although this brought her back to the play
a lap after. In turn, Kenta Yamashita managed to surprise George Russell
to take the fourth position in a maneuver that served as an appetizer
the last lap of the race. No major problems despite the final push
of his most immediate pursuer, António Félix Da Costa got the victory,
while Callum Illot and Sérgio Sette Câmara off the podium

Qualifying Race, ensuring a good position for the race
final Sunday.

Fourth crossed the finish line Kenta Yamashita in another sign of his solid role throughout the weekend, while George Russell has had to settle for fifth place despite starting from pole. Without making any noise, Felix Rosenqvist has crept sixth, which does not rule out nor much less to the final victory, something that can also be applied to a Dani Juncadella has finished seventh after the current champion of the test. The top ten of the race have completed the Daniel Ticktum, Alexander Sims and Jake Hughes

Qualifying Race of the 63rd Grand Prix of Macao F3

Position Pilot Chassis / Engine Time / Difference
1 António Félix Da Costa Dallara Volkswagen 10 laps
2nd Callum Ilott Dallara Mercedes +0.850
3rd Sérgio Sette Câmara Dallara Volkswagen +5.030
4th Kenta Yamashita Dallara Tomei +5.797
5th George Russell Dallara Mercedes +7.351
6th Felix Rosenqvist Dallara Mercedes +7.889
7th Dani Juncadella Dallara Mercedes +10.136
8th Daniel Ticktum Dallara Mercedes +17.416
9th Alexander Sims Dallara Mercedes +17.859
10th Jake Hughes Dallara Volkswagen +20.564