Antonio Lobato talks about the quality of Movistar F1 and SkySports F1

Antonio LobatoAntonio Lobato, the famous commentator who many years headed the F1 open in Spain, has wanted to talk about on the quality of Movistar F1 and Sky Sports in some statements that have been made, comparing it with the broadcasts that have aired on Telecinco, LaSexta and Antena 3, where he has been present as a presenter. The spaniard comes in with these statements in a very delicate moment of the F1 at the global level, but even more in Spain.

The audience has plummeted and not only is a contagion of the international situation of this sport that has come to be less with the recent changes given that they have not served to increase the audience but to the contrary. However, in Spain the situation is even worse for the results of the national hero, Fernando Alonso, and above all by the movement of the Phone, to monopolize the broadcasting rights of the sport to its pay channel Movistar F1.

Equipo de MOvistarF1Antonio Lobato has been criticized and praised in equal parts, many complained that he and others lament now that is not broadcasting the races. From F1Writers have published some statements made by Lobato that insurance does not leave you indifferent: “The truth is that the coverage of Sky I’ve seen about everything in the circuit and it was brutal the technical team that moved. From the budgetary point of view it was and is a true nonsense. I guess I would be profitable, although I don’t go out to accounts.”.

[…] The coverage that we did in Telecinco, La Sexta, and Antena 3 has little to envidiarles. We were at their level or even above in imagination and in quality of content but with many more difficulties because of the budget and access to equipment. Sky is English and that is always easier when you’re on F1. Today in Spain only retransmits Movistar and, although in the previous years, its deployment was similar to that of Sky, this year have drastically reduced their budgets, but I think their coverage has not been resentful, and is as complete as that of the previous years.“.