Apollo IE, carbon-fiber, in the service of the trackdays

Probably the brand Apollo, I remember something. No, I am not referring to the american programme to fly over the moon in search of a place for the crew could be landed on the moon our satellite. Apollo Automobil, officially called Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH, is a German brand responsible for creating one of the best and fastest sports seen never, the Gumpert Apollo.

With the code name “Titan” and built in Italy, the Apollo IE is manufactured completely in carbon fibre. Like any car of this nature, elements of aerodynamic huge, like the spoiler and the rear spoiler which makes gala. On the outside, your skin is carbon fiber, only adorned by two simple lines, one yellow and another red.

To maintain a reduced weight, the windows are typical of racing cars, and are not manufactured in glass, but in a lighter weight material, probably acrylic. In addition, it has a few tiny mirrors, that make it even more aerodynamic, and a few air intakes that will be enough to cool the engine and the brakes. Remember that this Apollo IE will be exclusive to runway, and that is why we have done away with the use of certain basic elements in a car fit for the road.

Can this design that has bet the German brand will be familiar, and that is that they have inspired to one of their models prototype, the Arrow, which was presented last year. Although there will be a version suitable for conventional roads, which will be presented after the official launch of this Apollo IE and will have a V8 biturbo engine, the unique version for circuit is being developed by Manifattura Automobili Tornio (MAT) and Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus.

This Italian company is providing to the Apollo IE engine V12 maximum torque that it will make 810 HP and a maximum torque of 700 Nm. It is expected that this supercar German, the brother of the Gumpert Apollo, is present in the next few weeks.

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