Apollo returns to bombardearnos with more teaser of their EI Hypercar

The reborn Italian firm Apollo Automobil is finalized and that will be your star model. However, and as has happened with the commercial launch of several models (among which we can count on the Audi R8) to its official presentation to the public and the specialized press is going on, and much. On the other hand, the responsible of the firm don’t stop releasing, each time, new teasers that help us to continue to maintain the interest in the car.

This model, known as “Titan” has changed his name to IE Hypercar. For a while we had doubts about the meaning of the letters IE, but not long ago we discovered that mean Intense Emozione. With such a name it is no wonder that it meets what promises the firm: performance of myocardial and sportsmanship by the four sides. To do this, the IE Hypercar would be developed by Manifattura Automobili Tornio (MAT) and would be moved by a gasoline engine air intake configuration V12.

According to the makers of the brand, IE Hypercar deliver a higher power to 800 hp and over 700 Nm of torque. It is true that these figures are not of a heart attack, as there is hyper athletic with better numbers, but what really matters on these cars is its weight, the fine-tuning of the chassis and aerodynamics. In addition, Norman Choi, president of Apollo Automobil, has commented that the IE will be limited only to those circuits, so that his sportsmanship should be beyond all doubt.

As a sample of what we can find, coming up, we have to concept, Arrow that was presented at the Geneva motor show of the year 2016. This model was mounted on a gasoline engine bi-turbo with 4 liters of displacement, configuration V8 and a power of 1000 hp. In addition, its weight was relatively low for the type of car presented, as marked on the scale around 1,300 kilos. With such potential it was not strange that will reach 360 kilometers per hour of maximum speed and accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 2.9 seconds.

While Apollo Automobil decides when to reveal your IE Hypercar we’ll have to make do with the collection of teasers that we have left. Go to the gallery and you will be able to observe with more detail.

Source – Apollo Automibil

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