Appears a Fiat Coupe of the nineties, brand new in Ireland


With more than twenty years under their belts has never been registered.

it is Not uncommon to see for sale a model with more than 20 years, however, it is not uncommon to find brand-new after such a period of time. This is precisely the main characteristic that defines this specimen’s yellow Fiat Coupe, a model that began its manufacture in 1994, and more than 20 years after being assembled has not yet been registered.

Is listed for sale in Northern Ireland and has the configuration of right-hand drive or RHD. Its history is rather curious, since it is not a simple remnant of a dealer who failed to sell it, which is not very common but it can happen, but it is one of the first pre-production units of the model, fabricated by Pininfarina, and that later became part of the private collection of the coachbuilder Italian.

has Never been registered in any country, and even the bankruptcy of Pininfarina was part of his collection. In 2012, due to the financial problems of the company, was sold to an Italian, who for the little that we know not what is recorded. In fact, not used it ever, since, for the information of the current seller, the only 825 miles you have registered your marker were made by the coachbuilder.


This equips the 2.0-liter engine and 190 horse.

In total were assembled, 15 copies of pre-production, which had as target to test the opinions of users in dealerships. After that, Pininfarina what added to his collection, full of masterpieces made by the coachbuilder Italian.

The model corresponds to the highest version of the range, equipped with the four-cylinder engine supercharged, that homologaba 190 horses. Although later, was also available a five-cylinder engine in line and 20-valve 220 HP.

The price of this piece is a secret, is available only upon request to the dealer irish Hollybrook Sportscars