Appears on sale the unique Ferrari Enzo with carbon fiber body view


The rims were blacked out for this work.

Appears on sale one of the copies most rare and elusive of all the limited production of the Ferrari Enzo. The only unit documented that shows a finish full carbon fiber sight, without a trace of painting, either in your body. Exemplary was discovered exactly a year ago, thanks to the images captured in the street by a user of Reddit, who was showing us the spectacular appearance of the Italian sports, which were manufactured in total 400 individuals.

Although the initial production was only 349 units, Ferrari decided later to increase the production of the Enzo due to the high demand, that he ended up being of 399 copies, plus 1 additional. The number 400 and that does not figure in the official records of the model, which continues to have a production official of 399 units. This was presented to Pope John Paul II and later auctioned to raise funds for the victims of the Tsunami that ravaged the coasts of the Indian Ocean in 2004

The issue that has been put up for sale recently by a dealer in the united States, is the only known with the peculiar finish in carbon fiber view. A termination which in recent years has spread among many manufacturers and that Ferrari can’t llogo to ever offer to the Enzo. In fact, this issue arose as so many others with the bodywork finished in Rosso Corsa, but was later sent to Maranello, Carrozzeria Zanasi. A company that works closely with Ferrari and that was commissioned to create this spectacular body of carbon seen panel to panel.


Although the light does not accompany the images of this issue are spectacular.

The dealer announces it is currently Exotic Motors Midwest, in the american city of San Luis, however, also warns of his early coming to the united States, with a few images that seem to come from Europe. The price of this Enzo is quite high, as you might expect, nothing less than $ 3.5 million, a few 3,86 million euros. A price tag much higher than the usual model, which rarely reach the 3 million. Except for the Enzo number 400, which was auctioned last summer for over $ 6 million.

The announcement provides no more data than the images themselves, and the price, or even the date of arrival of the specimen to their facilities. Although a more exhaustive search has led us to the dealer in london Joe Macari, which precisely mentioned a few days ago when we showed the Ferrari F40 painted in a striking blue color by Ferrari Classiche. Apparently, this Enzo carbon has formed part of the catalogue of the dealer british recently. Although we have not found any information about its price or about his trip to the united States, the way of Exotic Motors Midwest.

Mechanically, this particular Ferrari Enzo is indistinguishable from the rest of the production of the model. With the block V12 to 65 6.0-liter that features a variable timing system similar to that used in the engines of the Scuderia of the time, this delivery 660 horsepower and 657 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm, associated exclusively to an automatic transmission of double clutch and six relations with cams on the steering wheel, these being carbon fiber, as the vast majority of items in the Enzo.


The only Enzo carbon seen known.

The state of the Enzo is spectacular, not in vain account with a mileage of ridicule despite his age, just some 5,100 kms of use. In addition, the exemplary account with the autograph of the pilot Felipe Massa, then pilot of the Scuderia, as can be seen in the images of the gallery attached. This, coupled with the rarity of its condition of sole Ferrari Enzo known that has the body of carbon to the bare, counting only with a protective finish on this, more than likely will end reaching the values that are asked for.

despite the whimsical play of colors of your passenger compartment, which combines the bright red of the sports seats with the dark red of certain areas and elements of the passenger compartment.