Apple acknowledges openly that it is working on a project driving autonomous


Apple is also working on a project related to the driving autonomously.

The last time talk of the “Project Titan,” Apple’s was to highlight that it had been canceled by the company from Cupertino. Does this mean that the project of seeing an autonomous car created by Apple is history? Because the truth is that the latest information and facts made by Apple is embarrassed enough. Because, for the first time, the company recognizes that it is working on driving autonomous.

In particular, the company has addressed to the authorities of traffic to ask for permission and be able to start their testing. In the letter that Apple has been transmitted to the authorities of traffic in the united States reveals some of the details of their intentions with these early public testing. The letter of Apple’s signature Steve Kenner, director of product integrity and is dated on the 22nd of November.

on the other hand, the company of the apple bite with special emphasis on the benefits that will in the future autonomous cars noting that will help to improve the experience of humans, to prevent millions of accidents per year and the number of injured by traffic incidents. Apple wants to promote innovation and to make this technology driving autonomous serve to save lives.

Coche de Apple - recreación

Recreation of the drive from Apple.

But, what are you working on Apple? it Is clear that either you are developing a own vehicle or are only creating the software and technology driving autonomous that will be used by a third party (manufacturers or the best bidder with which to reach an agreement by the company apple bite).

Still it is too soon to point out if the Project Titan has never been dead or, the company has decided to change its approach since, as Bob Mansfield took over the reins of the project we know that there have been changes very drastic with respect to the line it had been following until his incorporation to the team back then (and who knows if today), to create the first car of Apple.

In the last two years Apple has hired profiles very relevant for this project. Many of the big “signings” for this project come from Tesla Motors. One of the companies with which the technology (or drive) from Apple will have to compete in the future.

Coche de Apple - recreación

After the information revealed by this letter, Apple could continue working on the “Project Titan”.

And despite going in with a lot of delay with respect to other competitors such as Google, Uber, or Volvo, the company led by Tim Cook stresses that it is important that all companies involved in the development of technologies and software for driving autonomous should share data with the objective of avoiding errors in the future. To finish this article, a server is asked if Apple would share their data in the event of being at the forefront of this struggle for the creation of the first vehicle to be completely autonomous.