Apple are looking for large tracts of land for the development of your car

Coche de Apple - recreación

artistic Representation of that aspect would be the car of Apple. The “iCar”.

for quite a few years, they live in the background a fierce battle between two great technology for launching the first car fully autonomous, or that offers such a possibility. We are of course speaking of Google and Apple. The two tech giants continue to give their steps firm in the development which will be the first car in its history. And although it seems to be that the well-known internet search engine is winning this battle, Apple does not want to stay behind.

And is, according to echoes of the american newspaper The Wall Street Journal, Apple would be looking to acquire a huge expanse of land for use as a testing center and development for its autonomous car. Is more, Apple would be seeking an extension closer to the 75,000 m2 on which have enough space to be able to perform various tests associated with the development of this type of vehicle.

in Addition, Apple would not be the only one of the two companies that would be interested in acquiring a huge expanse of land. As has been able to know, on Google would be behind the purchase of some 40,000 m2 of land on which to build a test centre for the development of your project, the Google Pod (as it is known internally to the future autonomous car of Google). The land that would be looking for both Apple and Google would be located in the bay of San Francisco, in the State of California.

Coche de Apple - recreación

Another recreation with which to anticipate the design of the car from Apple.

¿When will be released the drive from Apple? If we refer to the latest information we have available, all indications are that the project would be released into society at the end of this decade. Speaking of a possible implementation over in the year 2019, though Apple has not confirmed anything in this regard.

By the way, as we said at the beginning of the article, to this day we still do not know if the “y” will be a car driving exclusively autonomous or well, it will also offer the possibility to be driven in a conventional manner. Personally I would bet for the second option, although currently there are not many data in the clear on this issue. We will have to wait.