Apple interested in buying McLaren

McLaren 570GT

Apple could take control of McLaren Automotive.

Without a doubt, we are in the pump-briefing of the day. And comes to us from britain from the hand of The Financial Times. The mentioned environment has focused all the spotlight after publishing a few juicy information ensuring that Apple is about to buy McLaren after several months of negotiations. The mark of the apple bite would be about to inflict a real bite to the automobile sector, if it comes to materialize this purchase.

In the last few months we have been doing to us echo of various pieces of information that reveal the changes that have happened in the project Titan Apple. The project of the rumored autonomous car Apple. Well, with this purchase what the brand of the apple would look for in a background is to give a new impulse. And more from that filtraran several information about the limited progress in vehicle development.

has said on several occasions that Apple would be discussing the park is definitely the project to focus on the development of driving systems autonomous in order to sell it to third parties. However, if Apple buys McLaren, would be provided with all the necessary infrastructure to be able to create your own vehicle. To have the support of the engineers of Woking is not mucus from turkey.

Apple Project Titan

a Sketch of the Project, Titan, the car of Apple.

Currently the McLaren Group is valued between 1,150 and 1.745 million euros. A figure so negligible that, even though it may seem stratospheric, is not located as “buying more expensive” made by Apple. The us company has invested almost the double of these quantities to gain control of other companies.

this is Not the first time that seep assumptions reports on the purchase of Apple in the automotive sector. In his day already commented on reports of a possible acquisition of Tesla Motors by part of the mark of the apple bite. Something that finally never came to be forged. In this case, we have to be cautious and wait for one of the two parties can give us their version of this information, as we say, has been unveiled by The Financial Times.

McLaren refuses to be negotiating with Apple

Quickly, and seeing the large number of holders and covers that are appearing in media all over the world, a spokesman for McLaren has come to pass these information to disprove emphatically to our friends from Jalopnik who are negotiating the sale of the group to Apple.

“we Can confirm that McLaren is not in talks with Apple regarding any potential investment. The information on the sale of McLaren to Apple are not true”.