Apple might be interested in the platform of the BMW i3 electric car for



The rumors about the first car Apple not cease. Now they say were trying to be found in BMW for platform carbon fiber i3.


BMW-i3 H ace several days the news related to Apple and its project to build a vehicle are more relevant than ever. The latest developments indicate that the Cupertino firm would be in talks with BMW to reach an agreement that allows use of the i3 platform for electric car project .

BMW could provide Apple i3 platform.

According to indicating Macrumors based on sources in Germany, the so-called ‘Project Titan’ Apple could take as a base platform carbon fiber used in the BMW i3.

The report also notes that Tim Cook and other senior executives of Apple made a trip to the BMW factory in Leipzig, Germany , to take a close look at the production of the i3.

a few days ago we learned that Apple hired Doug Betts , a former executive of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles who worked until a few months ago as head of quality control group. Betts joined the team of automotive experts who gradually has been made.

Although details about the project are still scarce, rumors suggest that Apple’s goal is produced his first car by 2020 . It is believed that Apple has formed a team of specialists in the field of robotics and automotive design, who remains in a secret laboratory located near its headquarters.





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