Apple will develop a new type of battery for your future car

Recreación del Coche de Apple

Apple will develop a new type of battery from the hand of a south Korean manufacturer.

Although in general they are still more secrets that reliable data on the project of the first car of Apple. The truth is that we can say that the development of the so-called “Project Titan” (as it is known internally, this project) is slow but steady. If recently we did echo that Bob Mansfield has taken over the reins of the car of Apple, today we have some new very important information about this project.

And this information, which is carried out with the batteries that you will use this future vehicle. A car that, as you well know will be of a mechanical, purely electric, and with a driving technology autonomous never seen before. As reported in Yahoo, it is known that Apple is negotiating with a south Korean manufacturer for to develop a new type of battery that will be used in their autonomous car.

Although it has not transcended the name of the company with which Apple would be finalizing the signing of the agreement, the truth is that there are large companies such as Samsung or LG. It is for this reason that the mark of the apple bite would be behind sign with “one of the great”. Being an electric vehicle, having a battery of quality is a decisive factor for their success or failure.

Recreación del Coche de Apple

Recreation of the hypothetical aspect that I would have the car of Apple. Created by Franco Grassi.

This new type of battery would be able to maintain a very low temperature thanks to the use of some type of system of external cooling. Also will seek to design the battery more compact and lightweight as possible. The idea would be to be able to install the larger number of batteries possible in the car, which offer a great deal of autonomy.

And since we are talking about the car project of Apple. It is interesting to recall the latest information that is made public by way of owners as the project has been delayed until the year 2021. In addition, we cannot ignore information that suggest that the project could eventually result in a technology and driving systems autonomous rather than a car as such. It is something that comes to concocting lies for a while, and that we should keep in mind.

however, what we can say for fact is that whether in one thing or another, the project “Titan” go ahead. And proof of this are the additions that Apple has made to the project and the search of a large area of land on which you can install a development center to carry out this autonomous car in a commercial product.